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Alcohol Withdrawal Questions

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Is gabapentin addictive?

Should gabapentin be taken with food?

What is diazepam dosage regimen for alcohol withdrawal?

I have alcohol withdrawal symptoms and some diazepam 5 mg tablets. how many pills should I take, and how often should I take them to help with the withdrawal ?

Can alprazolam aid in alcohol withdrawal?

After three years of fairly heavy drinking (either a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer, and occasionally a bit more, nearly every night). I decided to join an AA group. I've also talked to my doctor, who had previously prescribed me alprazolam (Xanax), when I was trying to pass my alcoholism... read more

Alcohol Withdrawal - So twitching uncontrollably is a normal symptom? Even daily? I'm 25 and I have?

... drank daily for only 2 years. Weekdays about six to eight. Weekends I really dunno most likely 10 to 15, maybe 20. I have not been shaking but get real anxious and confused right before I twitch with my hands and neck for a few seconds. Alcohol related or am I just I retarded?

How much Librium is generally prescribed for alcohol withdrawal?

I was given Librium awhile for alcohol withdrawal quite awhile ago and have relapsed. I can't remember what they told me I could take. I have 10mg and 20mg. Help! Thank you!

Diazepam - I was just prescribed Valium 5mg twice a day. It seems like the effects wear off fast?

Considering the effects wear off fast should I cut the 5mg tablets in half and take half every 6 hours? Any advice with this?

Is Valium from all those benzos the 'safest' ?

Most people 'adults'either know or have heard of Valium,but when asked about other benzodiazepines,they hesitate,may know one or two!So,is it in medical term the best of benzos?Or was it just a wide spread rumor that so many heard about ???

Is valuim a narcotic drug?

do not want a narcotic nerve pill. I have heard valuim is non narcotic.

How much 25 mg Librium can you take in a 24-hr. period?

I am a 15-20/day beer drinker and my doctor prescribed Librium. I found that one, 25 mg pill, every 4-6 hours on this first day is not cutting it. Feel like I need more than taper off, for a week.

When is it safe to drink alcohol after taking librium?

Have used librium for alcohol withdrawal for past two weeks. Now down to 10 mg a day phase. Took last 10 mg yesterday around 4pm (Ireland).

Is it safe to take Valium with Klonopin?

I mean just a small amount no more than 10mg at night hours after taking the Klonopin

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