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What is the difference between Valium and Antenex tablets?

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Tiffany1983 21 Oct 2019

If your looking for proper benzodiazepines for your anxiety and or sleep etc please do not get the Antenex. After being on the original brand Valium for 3 months I was given the generic brand Antenex. And let me tell you it is really bad. Chronic migraines, lack of sleep, rebound anxiety, close to having seizures as I have epilepsy as well. It’s is awful. It may just be me, I’m no doctor this is just what has happened to me. I have an anxiety disorder and the proper Valium helps to keep my head straight but taking this Antenex isn’t good it feels like I have had no Valium at all.

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Ryneo 6 July 2019

There isnt much difference due to the fact; They both contain the active ingredient diazepam. Although in some clinical trials there is evidence to support the faster absorption of "Valium" by Roche compared to its generic versions. This is believed to be due to the "non-active fillers" . In some cases, users have frequented headaches and general lack of effectiveness in generic versions of diazepam.

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Tiffany1983 21 Oct 2019

Absolutely agree with this. Thank you for the information.

Stephen Treloar 13 Sep 2015

The color? :-)

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PepperM 11 Sep 2015

There's no difference. Antenex is just a generic.

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