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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Questions

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What should I expect after a Mirena IUD removal?

Mirena, Kyleena, Skyla & Liletta - What's the difference?

Is it normal to bleed for a long time after getting Mirena inserted?

I started my period two days before getting my Mirena inserted. I have now been bleeding for almost 5 weeks. It will nearly stop or seem to stop then start again within a day. Small pieces of what appear to be tissue are in the blood, which is a lot brighter red than my normal period. Is this... read more

Depo-Provera - abnormal bleeding? ??

I have been on depo for 9 years. I have never really bleed while on it except I will spot like a week before my shot is due and when I pee here and there but not even enough for panty liners. And that blood was generally brown in color. Id say the past year I ha e been spotting more often still n9t... read more

Is it normal to have pain during sex while on mirena?

I have had the mirena IUD for about 10 months now. And it has given me a lot of problems. I had it put in I think 6 weeks after I had my son. They told me that for the first half hour to an hour after having itin that I may have some spotting and cramps. I didn't the cramps were too bad, but I... read more

How long does it take for provera to work to stop uterine bleeding?

I am 23 yo and was prescribed 10 mg of provera for 7 days to stop the bleeding and then take a pap smear. I had no menstrual periods with some dryness for at least 3 months and then started spotting about 5 months ago so I went to the doctor. My last pill was a week ago and 3 days later I started... read more

When does the pain from the Mirena become serious?

I have had the Mirena now for almost three months and the last three weeks I have had daily pain and cramping. I did have a little that lasted a few days after I had it put in but it went away and is now back. It is worse when I am active and after I have sex (and not rough). I also tend to bleed... read more

My birth control keeps giving me diarrhea? Is it still effective? Ok so I am on the generic of?

... seasonale. I am currently on my 4th month. My first month on it I brown spotted for 2 weeks. 2nd month I spotted a couple a days. My 3rd month I BLED, like a period, for 2 weeks and heavy brown spotted the other two weeks. I had horrible achy cramps mynwhole 3rd month. During this time I also... read more

I've read that after taking medroxyprogesterone it is normal to bleed afterwards. Is it true? Why i?

... this? I was prescribe to take it for 10 days once a day. My husband and I are trying to conceive as well is it possible to get pregnant afterwards

Mirena coil fitted 3 years ago, sudden pain and bleeding?

Hey, I had a Mirena coil fitted about 3 years ago, and it's been great so far. A few times a year I get a little bit of spotting. However suddenly today I noticed some period-like bleeding, along with some period-like pains. I have never gotten a period since I've had this coil, but I... read more

Depo-Provera - Depo shot. Taken 10 years?

I have been on this for over 10 years. I know have started to get brown spotting and I’m due for my next shot today. I hadsex 11 days ago. I don’t think pregnant but not sure. I’m always in time to get my injection and have never missed one. What do you think ?

Can one still get pregnant after using provera?

I had bleeding for almost two weeks last May so I went to visit my doctor and I had ultrasound and found out I have myoma (small) and the doctor prescribed Provera 12 days for 3 months and after that I have to go back and have ultrasound again. After taking my last Provera this month ( I still have... read more

Medroxyprogesterone-irregular cycle/trying to get pregnant?

I am a 27-years-old newly-wed trying to get pregnant. I stopped taking birth control in April 2009 before the wedding May 16th 2009. I missed my cycle June 2009 and never saw another one until Dec 2009 and very,very heavy. My doctors appointment was Dec 29th and he then put me on... read more

Depo-Provera - I've been on depo for about 4-5 years & since last June I've been team NO depo, due?

I've been on depo for about 4-5 years & since last June I've been team NO depo, due to the Vitamin D lost I've herd it causes. I've also have been scared of infertility & all the jazz but anyway after my first year of depo I stopped having periods!( Which I've herd... read more

Depo Provera Shrinking breasts / Bleeding?

I have been taking Depo Provera Birth control shot for almost 6 months now. I have received two shots. The first shot everything was grand and I did not experience any ill side effects. I also did not get my period for the first three months. Getting my second shot my nightmare began! I have been... read more

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