I have had the Mirena now for almost three months and the last three weeks I have had daily pain and cramping. I did have a little that lasted a few days after I had it put in but it went away and is now back. It is worse when I am active and after I have sex (and not rough). I also tend to bleed after I have sex.
The pain is getting so bad that I have had to take time off work because of the pain and the fact that when the pain is that bad I start to get nauseous and dizzy.
I have seen a doctor and she checked for infection as well as making sure that it was in place and it was all fine. We also checked that I was not pregnant which I am not.
The pain is quite bad and my partner and myself do not know what to do about it any more.. the only thing I keep getting told that it will settle down eventually.
Does anyone have any information or suggestions for me?