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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Questions (Page 2)

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Is it normal to have heavy bleeding on day 8 of taking Provera? was not bleeding or spotting before?

Posted 21 Dec 2016 by lorita thomas 0 answers

I started Provera on Dec. 12th, 2016 and on Dec. 20th,2016 my period started light spotting but nowi have a lot of cramps and a few clot were passed. is this normal?

Had Mirena for 2 years and I'm on for 9+ days and now I've started twice this month. My first cycle?

Posted 14 Dec 2016 by Monique1926 0 answers

... was abnormal heavy. Should I be worried?

Is it a period or is just a side affect from the depo?

Posted 14 Dec 2016 by Ha_na09 1 answer

I've been on depo for three months now and I started having brown discharge and now it's just red blood I'm not sure if it's a my period I'm not sure I called planned parenthood and asked can I get the shot early to stop it because I've been cramping really bad but she ...

Depo-Provera - Why am I suddenly bleeding?

Posted 12 Dec 2016 by cewoods95 1 answer

I started my depo shots April 2016. I had bleed for one week in May. Bleed one week stoped for a few days then started bleeding again in June. The, the bleeding stopped for a few days and started again and I bleed for another week in July. And then had not had a period since. Now it's December ...

I am finishing my second pack or Aviane and I am on Tuesday of the inactives. I am staying over my?

Posted 7 Dec 2016 by iw42 0 answers

... partner's on Friday, if I start taking the active pills of my next pack on Wednesday or Thursday will my period stop early? I attempted to skip it last month, but ended up bleeding anyways. I have been spotting pretty much since then until the inactives.

Orsythia - This was my first time taking birth control?

Posted 26 Nov 2016 by Takemizu 0 answers

I am currently finishing my first pack and I have 2 blue pills left. In the past I had extremely irregular periods to the point I could go months without one, and get some spotting with extreme cramping for about 3 weeks, and then nothing for months. Now I am at my 3rd week of period and it is ...

Medroxyprogesterone - I've been spotting for two weeks no heavy or flow of period, not pregnant?

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by Rose2900 0 answers

... either can I take provera to stop the spotting? I took one 10mg provera so far but am still spotting should I continue

Why have I gotten my period back on the depo?

Posted 24 Nov 2016 by Aubreythomas2017 1 answer

So I've been on the depo shot for two years now and it completely got rid of my period and just starting a few days ago I got brown discharge. Now it has turned to blood and it's light. Not too heavy it's enough to ruin my underwear but I'm confused cause I haven't had a ...

Depo-Provera - I've been off depo for 4 months now and I've been bleeding since then .I've recently?

Posted 28 Nov 2016 by Amm21347 1 answer

... had sex that seem to stop the bleeding and then it came back . now I'm cramping really bad & bleeding still . what could be happening ?

How long does a depo shot take to wear off ?

Posted 25 Nov 2016 by Mh1999 1 answer

I've been on my period for about 6 months and I feel tired all the time, my thoughts don't make since etc. Someone please tell me how long it takes to get out of me so I can be back to normal!

Ortho Cyclen - Switching from Loryna (Yaz) to Ortho-Cyclen?

Posted 30 Nov 2016 by Mega818 0 answers

My GYN is switching me from Loryna (the generic of Yaz) to Ortho-Cyclen because of prolonged and abnormal bleeding, possible have endometriosis, but I'm very nervous. Any thoughts or suggestions? Had a horrible reaction to Microgestin FE 1-20

Just started Provera pill to stop bleeding?

Posted 22 Nov 2016 by Crissylynn97 1 answer

Was on Depo shot a little over a year was about to get my next shot but 2 weeks before my next shot i started bleeding heavy and it wouldn't stop how long will it take for the Provera pill to work?? Help

So I've had Mirena for almost 2 years still have pms symptoms like sever cramps, cravings, and mood?

Posted 22 Nov 2016 by fallen95 0 answers

... swings occasionally just never any bleeding, until I started bleeding a little this morning, just wondering if it's normal or if I should go and get it checked out?

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