I have been taking Depo Provera Birth control shot for almost 6 months now. I have received two shots. The first shot everything was grand and I did not experience any ill side effects. I also did not get my period for the first three months. Getting my second shot my nightmare began! I have been bleeding for almost 10 weeks straight. The blood is pretty heavy and has made me depressed. I have another 4 weeks before my next shot which I will discontinue! However, about two week ago I noticed my breasts have started to decrease in size dramatically and disproportionally. I was a 32 DD before this shot and now one breast is a D and the other a C ! I am devastated ! I just want my breasts to go back to their normal size of 32 DD. My bras do not even fit me correctly anymore! I learned that depo provera has no estrogen and can deplete your estrogen levels. Is is making my breasts disappear ?? Please help. What should I do to get back to normal with the blood and my breasts.