... seasonale. I am currently on my 4th month. My first month on it I brown spotted for 2 weeks. 2nd month I spotted a couple a days. My 3rd month I BLED, like a period, for 2 weeks and heavy brown spotted the other two weeks. I had horrible achy cramps mynwhole 3rd month. During this time I also would get bad cramps and bloating. I take the pill every night at 9:30 and when I wake up every morning I have severe diarrhea cramps and I have to run to the bathroom and I have a bout of diarrhea. This has been going on since month 2. It wasn't the diarrhea where you are living in the bathroom, I would only get it about 2 times a day. During my placebos last week I finally stopped bleeding about 3 days in and finally had 4 days to not have bleeding after bleeding for over 4 weeks straight! I stopped getting the diarrhea and the horrible cramps associated with it. I actually got constipated instead. Just LAST night I started my 2nd pack (4th month) and this morning I started up my bout of diarrhea! I have just about had it with this pill! I don't know what to do