im so sad, i thought i had finally found a cure for my vicodin and other pain med's addicition, suboxone, it was wonderful at first, 3 films a day, no awful throwing up, headaches like after 1 month of no orgasims, im done.i cant believe i have to go back to the pain meds, so i can have a sex life, this is bulls::t, if the doc would have told me, youll never have a sex drive again, i would have optied out, from the get go.i though suboxone was a cure all, and dont get me wrong, it did stop the cravings, but i luv my sex life with the same man for 23 yrs, and im not giving it up.the docs should be forth coming with all side effects, because some feel the sex is a major part of a full filled life.i feel so let down, and so sad, i truly never wanted a addiction, i got caught up , and it took over my life, 10 vic's a day, may be low for some. but it was two much for me, along with all the other lil perks, lortabs, trying to only use 2 vic's a day. because i need my life, and my sex life. just so so sad.