I have been feeling extremely lightheaded and dizzy recently and it has been making me extremely anxious and causing panic attacks. But I don't know if it is the dizziness that is causing the anxiety or the anxiety that is causing the dizziness. A few people in my family suffer from vertigo so I also don't know if I have that. But the doctor has said in the past they don't think I have vertigo. But anyway I was really complaining about these dizzy attacks I kept getting earlier on and my Gran who suffers from vertigo her self told me to take one of her stemetil tablets to see if that helps my dizziness. So I took one earlier on today and it has massively helped the lightheadedness and dizziness. I have hardly felt dizzy all day. I have also felt a lot less anxious today. I am just wondering if stemetil usually helps dizziness this quickly? and if it also helps anxiety and is used to treat anxiety?