I'm 35 and had been put on methylphenidate 10 mg once a day until the bottle is gone and then I will go up on a higher mg and twice a day.I don't know how it will effect my blood pressure since most times it can be high due to my panic disorder.But today I actually cleaned my room without stopping and starting something else and leaving it a mess.But a couple hours later it wore off and I'm back to being tired.My questions are if someone could answer them... has it has it affected your blood pressure in any way?.I feel as if it helped for a while today so I don't want to start a new med.Second question is how long before it actually works longer? Would I need to take it more than once a day to see the difference?.(obviously I'll wait for he doctor to tell to start more than once a day)My last question is I had some chocolate and my stomach is so upset is that normal with this med?. I won't be eating chocolate again under his med thats for sure but I don't know if it's normal..I do apologize for my silly questions but I suffer with anxiety and panic so please forgive me.