I was prescribed Concerta off label for bipolar depression as nothing else worked then I discovered I was ADHD. Can I be bipolar and ADHD? Why has Concerta suddenly stopped working and just makes me sleepy despite different doses and time experiments . I stopped talking it for 2 day’s and was extremely depressed. If I take a certain length of time off taking Concerta will it work again ? I tried Elvanse and it didn’t work at all so could an NNRI like reboxetine which worked for 2 years be mixed with Concerta as it won’t work for me without taking it with 30mg of caffeine anyway which my ADHD specialist doesn’t get? I can’t get in touch with him for any advice . The depression has gone but I was diagnosed ultra rapid bipolar disorder then not sure as I can’t get an answer to if I’m both ?? Do I need a stimulant holiday and for how long? I’m 53 and only just found this perfect medication with no depression or mania at all and don’t understand why it’s stopped. I can’t up the Concerta I’m already on more than maximum dose !! Any advice welcome thanks