My boyfriend was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver a year and a half ago. Since then he has become more of an alcoholic than ever. He hasn't seen a doctor in over a year and doesn't want to see one. When he was first diagnosed his platelets in his blood were low and they wanted to do a transfusion so he could get his biopsy done. The doctor had him booked with a liver specialist never went to that appointment either. He is looking more sicker everyday has liver spots all over his face, lost weight, had swelling in the stomach and legs but that has stopped for now, sleeping pattern is all mixed up, his mental behavior has changed, loss of memory, spider veins everywhere and so on.This is so hard for me to deal with and I know he's being very selfish and not thinking of what he's putting his family and me through!When he first went to the doctor I'm sure he was in his last stage so I'm wondering how long does a person live for with that disease and especially with the excessive amount of drinking he's doing.I love him and have stood by him but now I'm starting to feel very angry with him knowing how selfish he's being and what he's putting me through.I feel like leaving him but the guilty side of me makes me stay because all I keep thinking is what if he goes and I'm not there for him.I'm in a rock and a hard place but I also feel I'm gonna be sick myself if I keep going through this with him.This is the most stressful thing a person has to go through and I don't wish it upon anyone.Can someone please give me an answer as to how much longer he has thank you.