In 2007, my mother was diagnoised with End Stage Liver disease. They only gave her 3 months to live and was placed on hospice home care. Her disease was brought on because of alchole, but fortunately enough, her liver still had a little more "life" in it, and she pulled through. After a year on hospice, they decided that her liver was well enough to function her off hospice. The unfortunate part is that she continued drinking... non-stop.
In 2009, her liver began to show signs that she was ending back to where it was.
She is a very small frame (only about a size 6) but looks like she's pregnant with twins. The doctor's did all they could to stablize her but unfortunately, with all ther doctors were doing, she'd go home the same day and drink.
In 2010, she's slowly declined. Now, as I type this, I'm sitting next to her in the hospital. Christmas day, I brought my mother to the hospital because she was bleeding out her nose, vomiting blood, and her feces where bloody. Doctor's placed her in ICU and "tied off" the verisee veins (spelling??? ) in her esophagus, which so far is successful. Then later that day, "drained" 7 liters of fluid off her stomach and did an ultrasound that determined that the TIPS was clogged (preformed in November 2010). A couple of days ago, doctor's said her amonia level was at 96 (below 20 is normal) and her kidneys were (I don't know if I'm right on this one, I may have misunderstood) at a 2 (failing). And yet again, that evening they "drained" another 6 liters off her stomach and "unclogged" her stunt. This morning, I was told there was a TINY improvement where her amonia level is 91 and kidneys are a 1.73 (which lower is better).
We have tried to not get too excited, because the doctor's are saying they are exhausting all options in helping her now and we are waiting for tomorrow to see if her Primary Care Team, GI Team, & Kidney Team of doctor's have determined wether or not her kidneys are failing because of her liver. They say if it is the case, they only give her 3-4 WEEKS to live.
My mom has her final will stating that she is not to be resusitated nor intibated, and she's requested no dialysis. She refused a cathiter for the first 3 days in the hospital because it was uncomfortable, until I begged her to do it, but if I leave for a second, she pulls it out and bleeds alot. I feel that she's given up.
I think now though, she sort of has a regret for drinking and not stopping when she was well enough to "recover", but she's trying to refuse all options.
I respect my mother's wishes, and if it is to die, so be it. I will not like it, but I will support her. So, as I go down this road with my step-mother (they are life partners), we are left to wonder what is going to happen. We've heard how it will be painful and that it's a slow death, but does anyone know details??? What will happen to her? She is sleeping 90% of the time now (not medicated, nor has pain medicine, not even an IV). The 30 minutes a day she is awake, she is dilusional and doesn't comprehend anything. She seems almost like she's in a dream. She's slowly not talking much with when she is awake and when she does talk, we have no idea what she's talking about. She's a yellowish color (jaundice maybe?).

Anybody who has been through this with a loved one or a medical professional with this experience with ANY information would be helpful. We would like to know a little more at what to expect in the sense that we won't be blindsided by anything that will happen with my mom. (Will she bleed out more? Will she pass in her sleep? Will she fight for her final breath? Will she asperate? Will she slip into a coma?) Details are preferred and trust me, I'm not faint at heart by no means, so please, if this site will allow, I ask of you to tell it.

Thank you & God bless.