I'm only taking 20 mg and I haven't missed any pills. My first experience with sleep paralysis was 3 weeks ago. I felt this weird sensation run through my head and my heart would beat really fast and I'd be jolted awake right before drifting off. I finally got to sleep and had insanely scary nightmares. Very lucid. I woke up and tried to reach for my lamp and couldnt. I yelled for my mom but come to find out she never heard me. But I KNEW I had yelled her name. So my mind was awake and body asleep. It was absolutely terrifying. I took a nap the next day and the same thing happened and my dreams felt so real. I almost felt like I was trapped and couldn't break from the awful stuff I was seeing. I remember turning my alarm off. I randomly woke up to realize that it was 10 mins before my alarm was to go off and I had not really turned it off. It was a scary shock amd it took about 20 mins for my mom to calm me down. It hadn't happened again until about 30 mins ago. I feel like I'm going crazy. A 20 year old should not be dreaming the messed up things that I am. Neither my family nor my boyfriend understand. So I'm desperately seeking advice. Thanks!