I haven't been tested for IBS yet but I've had stomach problems for a long time and it's progressively gotten worse over the past year. My doctor prescribed me dicyclomine 10mg to tide me over till I see a GI doctor. I haven't taken the medicine yet, I've heard it works and I've heard it don't. I'd rather the pain go away then have more pain caused by the medicine. Last night was the worst episode I've had, I started hurting around 6pm lastnight (I took a Dramamine, normally it helps) the Dramamine didn't help at all. I started getting dizzy spells and light headed. I went to lay down around 9:30pm and it started getting worse. Sever nausea, felt feverish, felt really hot, dizziness, lightheaded, and uncontrollable shaking. I thought I was going to vomit but didn't. I layed very still and tried to relax and it finally went away, but as soon as it went away my stomach started hurting under my ribcage area. Almost like a gas feeling but it hurt really bad. I need help!! I never want to experience what I felt last night again. Should I finally try this dicyclomine???