I came of Pristiq about 8 weeks ago for anxiety/depression and tried to ho with no meds. Had my 6 week honeymoon period but steadily went downhill and crashed big time last weekend. I've now gone on to my docs prescribed medication but started 50mg of Sertraline and it has put my anxiety in to a constant state of fight/flight that is literally unbearable. I can't function, I cant rest, i feel hopeless that it will never get better and its only because of my kids i think im still here. Spoke with my doc and we are going to taper me now 1/4 for 2 days, the 1/2 for 2 more, then the full 50. I am allowed 2mg of valium 3 times per day and that gives me some respite and about 7pm at night it settles ever so slightly but im scared to go to sleep because i wake up in the morning with a jolt of anxiety and i the have to try and survive another day of pure mental torture. Please help or give me some assurance it will,get better.