Hello all!
I am 22 years old and have Bipolar I. I am currently taking 200mg Lamictal and 300mg Wellbutrin. I had been also taking 2.5mg Abilify but just went off of that to replace it with Seroquel. I just took 25mg for the first time last night and my psychiatrist is going to gradually increase my dose to my guess is around 150mg.

I wanted to ask those who have taken any combination of these drugs, how is the reaction for you?
My main concern is gaining weight, I am 5'5, 137 pounds. Trying to lose weight at the moment.

Does Seroquel actually slow your metabolism or does it just increase your appetite?
I definitely experienced an increased appetite last night but I just had a lollipop and then was too sedated/tired to get out of bed to eat anything else lol.

How have you felt after taking Seroquel? My last depressive phase (which I am still experiencing) was very difficult and I am looking forward to my condition *hopefully* getting easier for me.