One day I was running and slipped on stairs. My feet slipped through the space between the steps and my shin hit the stair step(which is a wooden board). The left side wasn't so bad but the right hurt like crazy and FELT like it had been dented in (but didn't look like it). Soon, it started bruising where it had made impact with the stair step. The next day I found a worse looking but painless bruise down by the side of my feet which was nowhere near where I had hit my shin. I never went to see a doctor about my shin because I thought time would heal it. Fast forward about 5 months, of course all the bruising and excruciating pain is gone, but there is still a slight numbness to the small area of my shin where it had been hit and if a lot of pressure is put on it, it would hurt like a bruise. Then sometime I would feel prickling pains from my shin. Now I'm scared that there's something wrong with it and that I should have had it checked. Did I fracture or something that one time and is it too late to see a doctor? If not, should I?