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Can Suboxone cause severe and chronic pain?

I have been on Suboxone for 8 months now for an opiate addiction. Around 8 months ago I started having occasional back... read more

Is it ok to take suboxone ansd soma toghether,even though suboxone has some pain qualities it just?

... wasnt enough for chronic back doc gave me soma,only problem when i take it ,it knocks me out and i take... read more

Were All Doctors Given Permission to Prescribe Suboxone or Buprenorphine?

I heard a rumor about this, last week. Does anyone know if it's true? I tend to doubt it, although I wish it was true. I personally see no... read more

What in the heck shows up as Morphine on a drug test?

I swear on my kids lives that I have NEVER taken meds that were not prescribed to me and Morphine showed up. I'm being dismissed by my doc... read more

Opiate Dependence - can you get addiction to suboxone?

... My boyfriend was in rehab for heroin addiction, and now he is taking suboxone by prescription. I just find out he is consuming... read more

Suboxone and Lortab prescribed together for pain management. Pros, cons and comments?

A middle-aged male has been prescribed by a MD pain specialist, both Suboxone 2mg sublingual film 2-4 per day as maintenance and... read more

Suboxone - How if ever do I overcome the "marked for life", stigma attached to sub. use?

I seeked sub. Treatment myself. At 32 the back pain started, after birth of my son. I had buldging discs that progressed into... read more

What is the difference in these two?

What is the difference between a sublingual 8mg buprenorphine strip and a 75mcg Belbuca film? Meaning dosage wise, is a 75mcg film strip, equal to or... read more

Is Suboxone used as a pain medication, or is it only used to treat opiate dependency?

I have been researching different alternatives to treating chronic pain with opiate-based pain medications.... read more

I have been on Suboxone almost 4 years now. When I first started, I was on 16mg a day. About a yr?

... and a half ago, I started taking 20mg a day. It seems the longer that I am on this Subs, the worse my health gets. I was first diagnosed with... read more

Suboxone to Vicodin to Suboxone... How do I switch?

Okay, so I've been on 16mgs of Suboxone for about 10 months now coming from a 4 year OC/Morphine addiction. Everything has been... read more

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