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I am allergic to lamictal any suggestions of what I can take that is comperable the lamictal.

The medicine worked just had a severe rash and doc took me off it. im bipolar on the depressed side. plz help if u can

My son who is bipolar is on 600 mg per day of Lamictal is that to much?

He feels terrible. So so drowsy! Just feel awful in general. He is also in Geodon 100 mg per day. Could this be to much?

Can Lamictal help with ruminating thoughts? I have OCD, PTSD, anxiety and bipolar depression.

SSRI’s don’t do anything for me but make me more anxious and depressed. My doctor is suggesting Lamictal. I am struggling to get... read more

Prescribed pristiq 50mg & lamictal 25. I'm newly diagnosed as bipolar 2. Scared of what to expect?

Hi everyone. I'm new here. Was actually searching for some information but I thought i would ask my own question. I went to see a psychiatrist... read more

Has anyone experienced hypomania while on a very low dose of Lamictal?

Hi All, I'm just wondering if anyone has experience Hypomania and is positive that it's come from Lamictal? I have read lots... read more

How long until Lamictal works?

I was diagnosed with BP2 and PTSD a couple of years ago, have a strong family history and typically only seek treatment when depressed, sound... read more

Is Lamictal 25-50mg enough to treat severe bp2?

Hello All, I just started on Lamictal 25mg/day for bipolar disorder 2. My doctor says I should be fine with 25 maybe 50 for... read more

Lamictal caused excessive weight gain how do I lose it?

I started lamictal a bit over a year ago and now I’m at 350 XR and since I started I have gained over 100 pounds. I have improved my... read more

How long for Lamictal/lamotrigine for bipolar 2 to work?

I've been on lamotrigine for bipolar 2 for 3 weeks now. I started at 25mg for one week, 50mg for one week, and now 75mg for one week.... read more

Should I be on Lamictal if I'm NOT bipolar?

I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2005. But over the years as I became more educated about it, I was like "Hey? I'm not manic, I... read more

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