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Usually get prednisone for gout flareup?

Posted 22 Jun 2017 2 answers

normally given prednisone for gout flareup. ALWAYS given script of big dose and then tapered off, for a few days. All of a sudden doc... read more

Prednisone - For gout flare up how should prednisone 20 mg be taken and for how long?

Posted 1 Dec 2016 1 answer

A few years ago I was given methylprednisolone 4mg dosepak taking 5 first day down to 1. New doctor gave me straight prednisolone 20 mg three times a... read more

Gout attacks using Prednisone for outbreaks, should I use a daily med?

Posted 12 Feb 2011 1 answer

I was diagnosis with Leukemia after a biopsy it was found to be Sarcoidosis the doctor wanted to put me on Prednisone but I elected to do... read more

When tapering prednisone for myasthenia gravis, do I need to increase the dosage of Imuran?

Posted 7 Jun 2017 1 answer

Trying to learn the relationship of how much to increase Imuran to replace prednisone Tapering - as the daily dosage of... read more

Tapering off of Prednisone from 60mg-two weeks, to 50 for one and 40 for the next. What to expect?

Posted 4 Dec 2014 2 answers

Hi, need help knowing the withdrawal symptoms for this tapering off period. Already feeling anxious, fatigued and tired, confused/forgetful.... read more

What will happen if you stop taking Prednisone abruptly without tapering off?

Posted 3 Dec 2015 1 answer

I was prescribed Prednisone, 40 mg. 1X a day for 5 days. Then was told to just go off of iit without tapering now I am having problems... read more

Will prednisone help with a gout flare up?

Posted 6 Mar 2012 1 answer

Tapering prednisone please feedback?

Posted 20 Oct 2018 1 answer

They gave me a 18 qty of this pill. 3 for 3 days. = 60mg at breakfast 2 for 3 days = 40 at breakfast 1 for 3 days = 20 at breakfast That... read more

I have been prescribed prednisone for a non-allergic reaction to penicillin and have a tapering off?

Posted 24 Sep 2014 2 answers

period that goes like this: 25 mg twice a day morning and afternoon for 3 days, 25mg once a day in the morning for 3 days, 12.5 mg in morning for 3... read more

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