I recently took prednisone in a burst pack for painful chronic sinusitis and had to continue a dose of about 5 mg a day for 3 weeks, for a total of 30 days on prednisone. Due to withdrawal symptoms I then had to taper for another week, working down to 1 mg a day and then done. So 5 weeks total on presnidone. Now I have a much needed sinus surgery scheduled next week, which means that I will be back on prednisone for 5-7 days, I think 20-40 mg a day to start, and then tapering. I am concerned that I have not even recovered from the first run yet. All my blood tests come back normal, although I have not had my adrenals checked but I seem to feel fine at this point. I’m wondering what will happen when I start a second round without giving my body more than a 10 day break. I thought about postponing the surgery but I am very miserable and need to get it over with, as I am and all other kinds of painkillers and prescriptions that have their own set of side effects. Anyone have a similar experience and how did it turn out?