I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder not too long ago, and I’ve been taking Lexapro. This is my first time ever taking a medication for anxiety, and it’s been helping out a lot. I believe I shouldn’t be taking it at noon. When I take it at noon, I feel very tired for a few hours, and then I am extremely wide awake for the rest of the day. I’ve been avoiding caffeine and extra sugars, and I make sure to get light exercise everyday. However, this medicine is causing me to have insomnia at night. I can’t aleep for more than two hours at a time which is very unlike me. Before the medicine, I would get at least 7 hours normally. I know if I take it before bed, I’ll be able to at least get some sleep and hopefully fall back into my normal sleep cycle. How do I safely start taking it around 9 or 10 PM instead of at noon? Can I just wait to take it, or will the side effects be too much (9 hours difference)? I was thinking about taking it at 3 one day, 6 the next day, and 9 the day after that. I’ve been getting about 2 hours of sleep at night, so I need to get it sorted out ASAP. I would just take it an hour later everyday, but I’m unsure if I can wait 9 days with the amount of sleep I’ve been getting.