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Is it safe to take Adderall and Xanax together?

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Eddyala1 31 May 2014

As we know, Adderall is a stimulant that keeps you awake and active from 8 to 10 hours,it is also widely prescribed for ADHD. Xanax on the other hand is used to treat anxiety and has a very calming effect.Its not wise to take both drugs together and I have no idea why anybody would ever want to do such a thing?It would be so much better to take them to work on each other or to work for each other.Since
Adderall keeps a person awake,then why not take Xanax to relax and calm you from the hyper effects that Adderall will produce.Doesn't that sound better then taking both drugs together?

geo-bzy 31 May 2014

Thank you for your input, I only ask because I am prescribed both and thought it strange that the Dr would prescribe the two together.

Eddyala1 31 May 2014

Didn't the Dr. tell you how to take them?If you wanna talk more privately, you can email me cause I'm a little curious as to how he was treating you. Write back if you want.

Trinabell 31 May 2014

Hey Geo. Yes you can take them together. I'm on both meds prescribed to me by the same Dr. The Adderall keeps me focused & the Xanax keeps me from having an anxiety attack from the jitters that Adderall sometimes causes. It works for me quite well. Good luck

butter43 29 Jan 2015

I have been taking Ritalin and Xanax together for awhile and recently my Dr put me back on Adderall. Recently I have been getting nauseous in the morning after taking it. This has been going on for about a month or so, and I am definitely not pregnant. Anyone have any idea why this is happening??


cjc3455 30 Nov 2015

@butter43 The nausea thing happens to me as well. Has been happening for a long time now. Some days I don't even take my adderall because I don't want to have to deal with the nausea. Have you found anything to help?

balbanese 2 Jun 2014

Yes, if they're prescribed by the same physician and the dosage / instructions are followed. Otherwise you could be taking a chance.

K-Lab 4 Jun 2014

I don't like Adderall and Xanax together, Xanax puts you in a fog and Adderall tries to focus your mind so it is just an uncomfortable experience. Now, Adderall early then Xanax at bedtime is perfect. Great mixture.

Kelcritcarroll 23 Jun 2017

Having severe anxiety my whole life and ADHD... I found the combo perfect!!! ;)

Kelcritcarroll 23 Jun 2017

Maybe Xanax puts u in a fog... But it helps me b on an even keel with my ADHD medicine. Just saying it's not the same for everyone! :))

lchristina 4 Jun 2014

When a Dr prescribes Adderall and Xanax together he knows what he is doing. The Adderall should be taken in the morning and the Xanax should be taken in the evening. If you only take the Adderall it will be hard and uncomfortable to go to sleep. Please do what the doctor says to do. If you have any questions call the office and they will answer your concerns.

rayray82 13 Nov 2016

Speed in the a.m. and a downer at night... sounds like some Elvis Presley going on to me.. Anyone who thinks taking these meds are good are in denial and the dr. who prescribes them should be ashamed..

JayEmDee228 5 Feb 2017

Im sorry what do you suffer from ?

klmdlf2010 21 Dec 2014

I too am on Adderal and a benzo (same type of drug as Xanax), and there are definite factors to consider when taking two different Rx's that seem counter-productive... Some of which have already been mentioned. I think the main emphasis should be on, while both have been prescribed by your doctor, IT IS ONLY A VIABLE COMBINATION IF BOTH MEDICATIONS ARE TAKEN AT A DIFFERENT TIME... giving both drugs the chance to be at an optimum therapeutic level when needed. My personal experience is reflected, of course, in my remarks... But there is a logical component as well, I believe. ADD'L NOTE: I was on the benzodiazepine for many years prior to the start of Adderal. I cannot say if this has any particular significance to the way my body handles the combination.

buck76 12 Mar 2016

How long were you taking benzo's before starting ADHS meds? I am going to be starting ADHD meds and was wondering how well it curbed your anxiety?. I have been on Xanax for 15 yrs and it is taking 9-10 mg per day to keep anxiety at bay. My doctor wants to start me on these ADHD pills in combination.

kitty k 12 Aug 2015

There are no bad side effects of taking both at the same time otherwise I wouldn't be prescribed both..I've asked. ( I am allowed 60mg Adderall and 6mg Xanax daily but rarely take all that) I like to take 1mg of Xanax per 30mg of Adderall. I get the focus and energy of the Adderall without the jittery side effect sometimes associated with them. They don't interact, however, if I want the full effect of one or the other I don't take at the same time or even on the same day. Hope that helps.

ughughugh 4 Dec 2015

Drugs like Adderall block the dopamine transporters so it cannot be recycled back into the pre synaptic cell, causing a build up of dopamine in the synapse. This can lead to long term potentiation, which is key in learning and memory.

Benzodiazepines bind to GABA receptors which opens Cl ion channels hyperpolarizing the cell. This causes the release of GABA which has a anxiolytic affect.

So if you take both you'll probably learn more and pay attention better and be more relaxed? Sounds great.

mrfollis 27 Aug 2016

This is a short sited explanation of these two very strong drugs, I take both but your explanation could be miss understood since learning and memory are affected by Benzo's.

LadedaLady 11 Mar 2017

Perfect combination for me and I have tried everything. Be so long term use causes memory issues. My mother got dementia from bentos. Taking both at same time helps lesson chance. I have been struggling with anxiety and panic disorder for 30 years. Can't focus due to non stop adrenal release and my dopamine release is trashed. I did not believe in medication or mental illness until 33 when my daughter had symptoms and could not handle school and would have such feat she would run away from school. She is an A student and now in college. She was against medication until 21 and did the illegal drug route in high school to help her cope. I think those born with a mental illness struggle more for a cure, but there is none just relief. If diagnosed earlier then you were able to handle society and somehow an experience or never diagnosed makes you look at vague facts, adders, stimulant xanax not...

Laurenbeth79 4 Feb 2016

I take 20mg adderall xr with 1mg xanax supposed to be 4 times a day. The only thing ive noticed is i dont need to take that much xanax anymore the adderall helps alittle better.

Drewfra2004 14 Jun 2016

Xanax and Adderall are perfectly fine to be taken together and the Xanax is not meant to be taken at bedtime like those I read would like to believe. Xanax is for panic disorder and is to be taken as needed not for a good night sleep and Adderall is to focus your mind to let you complete one task instead of starting multiple. Two totally different drugs use them independently for independent reasons but yes you can be on both.

Juwatkin 28 Aug 2016

If you are using them as directed, absolutely. Many people on Adderall also take benzo.

Jswr74 18 Oct 2016

I am not a doctor but just want share personal experience hopefully to help someone who's gone through. So I have high blood pressure and take 20mg of Lisinopril in the morning. This has made me very affected by caffine. So my case might be different. Todays my 5th day on Adderall. 10mg slow release. I took it at 6:00am. I had a headache, so my wife gave me a pill, it had 40mg of caffeine (not much for most people). A couple hours later I got a iced coffee only after a few sips, I begin getting very tingly and panicy. I poured my coffee out. I normally sip it very slow over 2 hours. Then things got bad. My heart started pounding, and tingles got worse. It started feeling like a panic attack. I took 2 aspirin, pretty much started freaking out. I went to my dark bedroom turned the fan on and started deep breathing and tried to lay perfectly still. I felt slightly better, but not much. I researched what to do and most people said start slamming water and take vitamin C.

thedagda 8 Dec 2016

Exactly, you were having a panic attack and the Xanax did it's job. For people like myself and others who have dealt with panic disorder for many years and have been taking xanax the side effects of sedation and loss of focus come into play. I used to take adderall as a young adult for ADD and it worked well but I stopped taking it shortly after panic attacks started. Now I work as a software developer and find it incredibly hard to stay on task so was considering if the two could play nice. Your experience pretty much tells me what I was expecting. I will talk with my Dr about it.


I have been prescribed both and this is how the doctor explained it to me. I am on Vyvanse and mild clonazepam. Both drugs target different parts of the brain. YOur add medication will affect one part while your anxiety med will target another part. It is common for adults with ADD to also have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. For me this works great. I also always have a crash when there add med wears off, regardless of which type I use. I find Vyvanse the smoothest and the anxiety medication helps. My clonazepam is a very low dose but helps. I have found it to be the perfect combination. Add med neither keeps me up or puts me to sleep so that is not the issue. I have gad and add and the combo works perfectly. As I say they target different parts of the brain. I hope this helps explain things. Having said that, I do take a brake from the clonazepam every couple of weeks so it does not lose it's effectiveness. Good luck and the doctor did know what he was doing! !

ptsd86 5 Apr 2017

technically yes but alprazolam is a anti-anxiety a depressant ... while adderall is a stimulant. Especially to those who do not have ADD..ADHA OF A BROAD SPECTRUM DISORDER . I would not advise taking them together as for the reason..1-1=0 ... stimulant +relaxant =cancel each other out. if you are severe adhd..ausburgers I understand not saying i do not ! If u or your child has to take both do the stimulant in the morning early after they eat, then around bed time or PRN(AS NEEDED EVERY 8 HOURS) night anxiety/ terror tends to hit me worst at night because of my past and insomnia . Personal opinion... take as little as needed be honest with your doctor and how you or your other feels . It took me 25 years to get on proper medications as well as finding a amazing doctor I'm truly blessed for her ! Wish you the best ! Feel free to ask again anything; ) I'm a RN IN training so I'm not a genius but have some concrete knowledge.

Jessica1975 19 Apr 2017

So today is day one for me on adderall , I felt good after my first half of pill, and the doctor said since it was such a small mg that she wanted me to take the other half later in the day, so I took the other half at 630pm tonight when I left work.
So the back story is I've had anxiety my whole life and and tried multiple ssri's- with no help from them or the side effects were to much!
My therapist and now new doctor believe they have been treating me for anxiety the whole time but blowing me off when I would ask if it was possible I had adhd also!
They both agree I am completely ADHD! I have to admit I agree!!!

Juliecr 24 Apr 2017

To Jessica1975. I hope you have in the last five days found your answers. As a patient on both medications with a medical background I want to reassure you that taking your medicine as prescribed and needed is not dangerous. Trust your doctor. When the ADD medications level dropped and you felt the panic that would be a time for the xanax. The doctors prescribe meds with the idea you will take your medicine in a way that will help to keep you from having the anxiety attacks. If you doctor wants you to take the xanax with the adderall do it. The only way the learn what works and doesn't is to try. As time goes by you will learn to know when you are near an attack. Those times you may need to adjust your meds. Take a dose of xanax. There is no reason for you to suffer like you did at work that day. Learn not to fear your medications.

DaynaS 22 Sep 2017

Hello there, I checked this combination on the interactions checker on this website and it said there are no interactions, so you should be good. Good luck to you.

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