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Is it safe to take Adderall and Xanax together?

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Eddyala1 31 May 2014

As we know, Adderall is a stimulant that keeps you awake and active from 8 to 10 hours,it is also widely prescribed for ADHD. Xanax on the other hand is used to treat anxiety and has a very calming effect.Its not wise to take both drugs together and I have no idea why anybody would ever want to do such a thing?It would be so much better to take them to work on each other or to work for each other.Since
Adderall keeps a person awake,then why not take Xanax to relax and calm you from the hyper effects that Adderall will produce.Doesn't that sound better then taking both drugs together?

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geo-bzy 31 May 2014

Thank you for your input, I only ask because I am prescribed both and thought it strange that the Dr would prescribe the two together.

Eddyala1 31 May 2014

Didn't the Dr. tell you how to take them?If you wanna talk more privately, you can email me cause I'm a little curious as to how he was treating you. Write back if you want.

geo-bzy 31 May 2014

Eddyala1 I don't know how to private message you? Your profile doesn't allow private?

Bwnbama 3 Jun 2014

There is no interaction between the two. Also, Xanax, as other drugs can do, act differently on different people.

ChaoticTendency 26 Jun 2014

Doctors prescribe them together for a reason.

As someone who suffers severe anxiety and panic attacks, and has a scattered mind and constantly distracted by my thoughts, I am grateful for the combination.

OriginTree 3 Mar 2015

Actually, to say you have no idea why anybody would ever want to do such a thing... if you take Adderal and yes keeps you awake, but it is to help you focus with ADHD/ADD. Where as Xanax is to help you calm down your anxiety/panic disorders. So, I am prescribed both as well. Occasionally, unfortunately getting anxiety panic disorders while on Adderal you can't calm yourself with cognitive behavioral thinking since you are so hyper. Of course a Dr. knows this otherwise they wouldn't subscribe to people.

abachi 2 Apr 2015

From my own personal experience the Xanax is to negate or alleviate the agitation or aggression you may get from Adderall. For me it helps me from being a douche when I'm tapering off.

suthrnbell 21 Jul 2015

When a patient truly has ADHD & takes Adderall, it works the opposite & does not keep you up for 8-10 hrs. When a pt truly has ADHD & takes Adderall, the Adderall calms them down & enables them to focus & sit still. So your answer is 100% incorrect!!!

alys0n 16 Dec 2015

People take those drugs together like myself because now studies show that if ADD or ADHD is not properly treated when you are a child then it causes you to have major anxiety in your adult life, so for example I'm on 3 20mg adderall a day and 4 .5 mg Xanax a day, I am prescribed by my physicist which I am suppose to take both drugs together , now my personal expierence I never do this, I personally take the adderall during the day and the Xanax to calm me down and let me sleep at night . I choose not to take the Xanax during the day because I'm a mother to three boys and I need all the energy I can get however there are some days when my anxiety is thru the roof , so I can understand why some people take them together . Also a lot of college kids take them together because they have so much anxiety before tests etc and they need to help focus so lots of college kids are prescribed this combination.

mrfollis 27 Aug 2016

I am prescribed both at the same time in the morning and Xanax only at night. Been taking them for years from two different psych's

Juwatkin 28 Aug 2016

So if a person has severe anxiety and is bogged down because stress and anxiety slam you down, why do many like myself get energy (due to the benzo blocking what was bogging me down) and remember everyone is different.

jiggy1098 14 Jan 2017

Didn't you just contradict what what you first said?!

LadedaLady 11 Mar 2017

This combination has changed my life. I am 50 and have tried everything you can imagine and was decided against electroshock treatment due to memory issues afterward. Don't listen to people on here without trying because what works for them may jot work for others,

Kelcritcarroll 23 Jun 2017

Adderal keeps me focused and I have a severe case since childhood.unlike what the Drs or insurance co says... ADHD gets worse with age, at least for me and I'm 55 now. I also have anxiety caused by my makeup since I was little and the two disorders can go hand in hand. Taking an anxiety med controls this to where I can function as a productive person.
However, as of the last two years my dr and I've gone thru a few, will not prescribe me both anymore as they keep saying one works against the other so I am now really going in a bad direction mentally. I was told each medication effects your gaba receptors differently by more than one dr that was educated on these two types of meds... I am not assertive at all so maybe I need to find on the web and print how the two combined can be a perfect combo ... Any thoughts on this people?

Kelcritcarroll 23 Jun 2017

Unless in just confused, it sounds like you are condoning and not condoning the prescribing of the two???

ZackC 10 Aug 2017

Yes adderall is a stimulant "mostly" for seritonin and dopamine but it will stimulate if angered or stressed. Xanax is a reuptake inhibitor for negative reactive firing chemicals like Cortisol so for me the balance makes life copable like i have never had with out the drugged feeling i did in school to numb the pain of not being able to deal with mysef and life.
I can be happy and on top of my life now.
Its acctually amazing every time i forget (lol) to refill in time how hard it is to cope till im back on track. Good memory buffer of worse times when i thought i would never be able to make it through life on my own. You can please believe me.

Judithred 26 Sep 2017

Simply, you are not privy to the individual's medical and psychological history. Don't plant doubt in this person's mind. It's not your place and not is it (I'm assuming) your licensed medical opinion to do so.

Jmneroni92 26 Nov 2017

I’ve been on adderall and Xanax for 13 years now. I take my adderall in the morning and Xanax when I want to sleep or relax. Doctors prescribe these meds together on a regular basis

RayPat7734 27 Nov 2017

I have ADD , ADHD and extreme anxiety disorder on top of depression. I learned that benzos dont allow the Adderall to be to effective when used at the same time or even if you take to high of a dose before bed because benzos stay in your system and keep you calm a long time so when you take you adderral in the A.M it still wont have full effect. But like I said I have to take both. So I take a 30mg Adderall extended release at 6am. At Noon I take a 30mg instant release so it doesnt lost to long. If I have anxiety that Night I will take the least amount of Xanax as I can just to get rid of the anxiety but if I dont need it at all then I dont take it.

Izzy0801 1 Jan 2018

I am prescribed both I take adderall in the morning and then I take the xanax at bedtime to promote healthy rest but I would never and no one should ever mix an upper with a downer at the same time it can often cause overdoses bcuz it confuses the heart adderall speeds the heart rate up while xanax speeds it down... Hopefully this is useful

Msanchez01 20 Aug 2018

I took both these two together for almost a year. And has been an upsetting year. I reached out to a psychiatrist that put me on Adderall ER and Xanax ER to treat my ADHD and Anxiety. I became so dependent that I went through a world wind of doing things I would have never imagined that I would EVER DO. I went from a high credit score to not paying my bills. I felt hopeless and also got on Xanax 20mg for emergencies. I was in the hospital for pancreatitis the middle of December till mid January. I’m ashamed to a Admit that I went to my sons uncles house and ended up taking his aunts Hydrocodone and taking some shirt too ( happened the end of March this year) I also know better but I was also drinking his beer. I’m 38 and NEVER in my life would have the thought of what I did. In May I had my 1st seizure and 2nd seizure in June. I was hospitalized and HAD STRONG THOUGHTS of taking my life.


I asked for help and was sent for a week to the Pavillion and was diagnosed with manic bipolar. At that time I was slowly winged off. I’m trying to get my life back and just feel heartbroken of what I did. I’m a faithful man with a family and a fiancé. I have not had bad anxiety. Now I’m hard on myself still for what I did. I do not have any thoughts of taking my life. The doctor has never checked up on me, and feel confused on how to move forward. If I go to a Counselor or back to the doctor, it will cost money I do not have. Thank you for letting me tell my story! I tried to make it short

Jessilee1982 10 Dec 2018

Don’t do it! I’ve been hooked on Adderall for a few years, I stopped 3 months ago because I was literally dying , I’m 5’9” and was down to 138lbs

Jeff Roberts 4 Jan 2019

I am totally opposite of this, i sleep much better with the adderall, it does help from my mind racing at night and no severe nightmares, i take valium for muscle relaxer, anxiety, sleep, i do not abuse meds, i dont even want to take them but i was surely tired of being sick. Has anyone tried Sandoz mfg. 30 mg.? Big round pink, E 404?

Torbot 9 Mar 2020

To comment on your answer, as you stated Adderall is a stimulant or its a form of speed. When taking Adderall it counteracts your mental hyperactivity to level you out. In the same way that when you are giving vaccinations for certain things, they're actually injecting what the vaccine is actually for. ie, the Flu Vaccine, TB, etc

Torbot 9 Mar 2020

To comment on your answer, as you stated Adderall is a stimulant or its a form of speed. When taking Adderall it counteracts your mental hyperactivity to level you out. In the same way that when you are giving vaccinations for certain things, they're actually injecting what the vaccine is actually for. ie, the Flu Vaccine, TB, etc

Trinabell 31 May 2014

Hey Geo. Yes you can take them together. I'm on both meds prescribed to me by the same Dr. The Adderall keeps me focused & the Xanax keeps me from having an anxiety attack from the jitters that Adderall sometimes causes. It works for me quite well. Good luck

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butter43 29 Jan 2015

I have been taking Ritalin and Xanax together for awhile and recently my Dr put me back on Adderall. Recently I have been getting nauseous in the morning after taking it. This has been going on for about a month or so, and I am definitely not pregnant. Anyone have any idea why this is happening??


cjc3455 30 Nov 2015

@butter43 The nausea thing happens to me as well. Has been happening for a long time now. Some days I don't even take my adderall because I don't want to have to deal with the nausea. Have you found anything to help?

jiggy1098 14 Jan 2017

Ask your doc for zofran... the one that you put under your tongue to dissolve. Huge help

jiggy1098 14 Jan 2017

Ask your doc for zofran... the one that you put under your tongue to dissolve. Huge help

BeeSea 21 Apr 2017

I've never taken them together but this makes alot of sense. Adderall can give u the jitters, and zans will calm that down. Seems like a great combo as long as not abused.

ZackC 24 Apr 2017

teva brand adderall has an isotope in it the others are missing or a lower dosage is used.
teva works for me but i need that kick to wake me up.
some report too much anxiety with it.
Actavis or corepharma may be better for anxious people or if your not so bad that you feel a cloud surrounds you as if your not in your head but floating at a distance barley looking through your eyes.
makes it hard for childeren in school to learn this way. i would know. it was terrible. oops rant over. yeah days off i sometimes skip my adderall to help level my tolerance. lol.
Anyway i take teva and xanax to minimize anxiety. have for almost 10 much better
years. i lead at work now instead of hide how incompetent i can be on bad days.
15mg adderall to wake up my mind and 1.25mg or 2.5 mg depending where im at on that day to control the stimulation and or prevent anger stimulation.
just my 2cents.

Dr Naddadoctor 12 Jun 2017

I also take both, for the same reason. I'm not sure if the Xanax reduces the efficacy of the Adderall or not, but while it is AMAZINGLY effective, it does keep me up and I definitely can get anxiety from it, and the Xanax helps.

I find - for me - that the Aderall lasts a lot longer than the Xanax (I am not on XR so the half life should be the same), so I do not take them simultaneously. I take the Adderall, and the Xanax as needed later.

As far as the nausea, any stimulant like Adderall can increase the secretion of stomach acids, which can cause indigestion (which can present as nausea sometimes). Maybe ask your Doc if an antacid would help?

awooldridge39 6 Aug 2017

I also am on both. I sometimes get anxiety and jitters from the Ritalin I take and the xanax helps take that away. It's odd but it works.

Midedge 7 Aug 2017

Definitely make sure you take the meds with food. I know it sounds like an oversimplified answer, but it's really important.

balbanese 2 Jun 2014

Yes, if they're prescribed by the same physician and the dosage / instructions are followed. Otherwise you could be taking a chance.

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K-Lab 4 Jun 2014

I don't like Adderall and Xanax together, Xanax puts you in a fog and Adderall tries to focus your mind so it is just an uncomfortable experience. Now, Adderall early then Xanax at bedtime is perfect. Great mixture.

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Kelcritcarroll 23 Jun 2017

Having severe anxiety my whole life and ADHD... I found the combo perfect!!! ;)

Kelcritcarroll 23 Jun 2017

Maybe Xanax puts u in a fog... But it helps me b on an even keel with my ADHD medicine. Just saying it's not the same for everyone! :))

Kelcritcarroll 23 Jun 2017

Also, I've had both disorders since I was a little girl and both are crippling. I was not diagnosed with ADHD til I was 45... I was bipolar they said( obviously uniformed people) the adderal changed my life and seeing as I have had severe sleep trouble since my early 20s and on no medication for anything... The adderal is not my cause for this... It calms me more than anything but I still have anxiety that is terrible and by nature I'm a constant worrier... The anxiety meds and ADHD meds have made me feel like a person that can function... So that is my story!

JoyA12 30 Jun 2017

I have been using both for several years now. I can now focus and feel better, more than i ever have prior to this drug combination. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety by one doctor and was much later diagnosed with adhd by a different doctor. I am no longer depressed and got off the antidepressants. Turns out I was just trying desperately to live and manage my life with untreated adhd. Once I got the right diagnoses and medication my life has improved significantly! I have been able to form better relationships and I am better at work and managing my time. A huge change. I had to ask to be tested for adhd. I too was diagnosed later in life, 42! I am disappointed that I never received the proper treatments before. The quality of my life is much better and wish that it could've been this way much sooner.

Torbot 9 Mar 2020

This is the case of the Great doctor syndrome. A great doctor will prescribe what you want and send you packing, where a good doctor will talk you through the pros and cons of taking both medications. What's the point of taking both at night to fall asleep. Cowboy Junkie..

Torbot 9 Mar 2020

This is the case of the Great doctor syndrome. A great doctor will prescribe what you want and send you packing, where a good doctor will talk you through the pros and cons of taking both medications. What's the point of taking both at night to fall asleep. Cowboy Junkie..

lchristina 4 Jun 2014

When a Dr prescribes Adderall and Xanax together he knows what he is doing. The Adderall should be taken in the morning and the Xanax should be taken in the evening. If you only take the Adderall it will be hard and uncomfortable to go to sleep. Please do what the doctor says to do. If you have any questions call the office and they will answer your concerns.

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rayray82 13 Nov 2016

Speed in the a.m. and a downer at night... sounds like some Elvis Presley going on to me.. Anyone who thinks taking these meds are good are in denial and the dr. who prescribes them should be ashamed..

JayEmDee228 5 Feb 2017

Im sorry what do you suffer from ?

voodoolily 14 Feb 2017

Better do some research before making such a statement.Better yet, talk to your doctor.

charliebird1212 14 Mar 2017

I have torrett syndrom, when taken correctly, the right amount of Xanax and adderall together (always eat breakfast before taking addreall in order to keep a healthy weight and balance) can help find a balance life doesn't offer us. Much better than being over dosed on Haldol or whatever "calming" drug any doctor thinks will help keep the pain or tick at bay. Don't let them tell you its ok to feel nothing.. unless it feels better than all the pain you have to. Meditation, yoga and acupuncture help a lot but it can be hard to find that balance... depending on your life circumstances. I hope for most of you.. you have someone.
Don't let anyone make you feel bad when they don't know.

ralldaymallday 8 Jun 2017

Sounds as if rayray was dealt the most awesome deck of cards ever!! A good hand can make you really happy but speaking too soon or entering a discussion you have no business being in can cause karma to rear its ugly self and we all know about that !!

Dr Naddadoctor 12 Jun 2017

I completely disagree with RayRay, but I understand the sentiment. Whenever I take one medication to combat the effects of another, it feels like I'm trying to solve a problem that does not need to exist.

Kelcritcarroll 23 Jun 2017

It seems like we are all being categorized as the meds effecting us all the same and that is just not the reality. An anxiety med and ADHD med together saved my life... Litterally

Lora9284 19 Jul 2017

I was prescribed Xanax for nearly a year because of stress and anxiety. However, the Xanax (.25 /2x a day), made me feel sleepy and I was actually more stressed, and more unable to focus, because I got even less accomplished. After talking with my Dr, he sent me to a counselor who diagnosed me with ADD with significant inattentiveness. I had ADD my entire life and didn't know until recently! I now take 15mg of aderall twice a day. I take one dose as soon as I wake up to jump start my day and eat a light breakfast an hour or so later. I take my second dose around 1pm to keep me focused throughout the rest of my workday, and since my appetite returns, I can eat a nice dinner. I take a .25 Xanax around 9pm. and it eases the restlessness just enough to get a good night's sleep. You have to find what works best for you, and it may take some time before you get into a good dosing routine and start to feel better overall.


As far as I understand, adderall has a short half- life, but even that being said, Xanax can definitely be a big help to reduce the come down effects of amphetamines, when taken properly, and under your doctor's supervision.

Judithred 26 Sep 2017

Agreed. You found your balance.

pureDenverdank 28 Feb 2018

I'm not so sure about that, I was up until 6am because of my muscle spasms, I took a addie, then I passed tf out, I think it has something to do with being up for a period of time that 30mg & a 20mg knocked me out, I figured I just wake my self up no point in sleeping wasn't sleepy enough

klmdlf2010 21 Dec 2014

I too am on Adderal and a benzo (same type of drug as Xanax), and there are definite factors to consider when taking two different Rx's that seem counter-productive... Some of which have already been mentioned. I think the main emphasis should be on, while both have been prescribed by your doctor, IT IS ONLY A VIABLE COMBINATION IF BOTH MEDICATIONS ARE TAKEN AT A DIFFERENT TIME... giving both drugs the chance to be at an optimum therapeutic level when needed. My personal experience is reflected, of course, in my remarks... But there is a logical component as well, I believe. ADD'L NOTE: I was on the benzodiazepine for many years prior to the start of Adderal. I cannot say if this has any particular significance to the way my body handles the combination.

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buck76 12 Mar 2016

How long were you taking benzo's before starting ADHS meds? I am going to be starting ADHD meds and was wondering how well it curbed your anxiety?. I have been on Xanax for 15 yrs and it is taking 9-10 mg per day to keep anxiety at bay. My doctor wants to start me on these ADHD pills in combination.

NewportJill 31 May 2019

I think you should give your dr a chance and sees what he comes up with. I've been on Adderall for almost a year. Before Adderall, i was taking Dextroamphetamine -which worked wonders for me until it just didn't seem to perform anymore. I also took Valium during the time (i just dont possess coping mechanisms to calm myself down). I took Valium since my early 20s, but maybe one every 2 weeks. I am thinking i need a new tranquilizer -like Ativan or something, because i can keep myself safe by just taking a sedative and i know i can make it until the medicine kicks in.

kitty k 12 Aug 2015

There are no bad side effects of taking both at the same time otherwise I wouldn't be prescribed both..I've asked. ( I am allowed 60mg Adderall and 6mg Xanax daily but rarely take all that) I like to take 1mg of Xanax per 30mg of Adderall. I get the focus and energy of the Adderall without the jittery side effect sometimes associated with them. They don't interact, however, if I want the full effect of one or the other I don't take at the same time or even on the same day. Hope that helps.

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ughughugh 4 Dec 2015

Drugs like Adderall block the dopamine transporters so it cannot be recycled back into the pre synaptic cell, causing a build up of dopamine in the synapse. This can lead to long term potentiation, which is key in learning and memory.

Benzodiazepines bind to GABA receptors which opens Cl ion channels hyperpolarizing the cell. This causes the release of GABA which has a anxiolytic affect.

So if you take both you'll probably learn more and pay attention better and be more relaxed? Sounds great.

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mrfollis 27 Aug 2016

This is a short sited explanation of these two very strong drugs, I take both but your explanation could be miss understood since learning and memory are affected by Benzo's.

LadedaLady 11 Mar 2017

Perfect combination for me and I have tried everything. Be so long term use causes memory issues. My mother got dementia from bentos. Taking both at same time helps lesson chance. I have been struggling with anxiety and panic disorder for 30 years. Can't focus due to non stop adrenal release and my dopamine release is trashed. I did not believe in medication or mental illness until 33 when my daughter had symptoms and could not handle school and would have such feat she would run away from school. She is an A student and now in college. She was against medication until 21 and did the illegal drug route in high school to help her cope. I think those born with a mental illness struggle more for a cure, but there is none just relief. If diagnosed earlier then you were able to handle society and somehow an experience or never diagnosed makes you look at vague facts, adders, stimulant xanax not...


doesn't matter people are different and all these medications are crap shoot what helps. I would welcome death over my doom. Imagine the feeling of going down a rollercoaster or how you feel learning someone you loved died. I feel that feeling 24/7. Early menopause, hair falling out, can't move for days,,, it is worse than death so for me at this point adderral and xanax keeps me wanting to live.

ZackC 10 Aug 2017

im glad you and your daughter have found some comfort in life. Your daughters school story is mine as well. Adderall/xanax is where i found mine as well.

Artkash 31 May 2019

Hey glad you found a combination of meds that help you, try taking daily walks also 20-30 min a day around the neighborhood i promise you it helps with anxiety alot. It helped me Lot over time exercise releases dopamine naturally and does wonders for anxiety and depression. Give it try when you get the chance you will notice a difference. Good luck!!

Lisaprice66 11 Apr 2020

I just was put on adderall just recently to help me focus so being with my bipolar disorder I have so much of a hard time as well as extreme anxiety to depression and just brain funk. So I too now take adderall a!omg with Xanax it's working for me

Laurenbeth79 4 Feb 2016

I take 20mg adderall xr with 1mg xanax supposed to be 4 times a day. The only thing ive noticed is i dont need to take that much xanax anymore the adderall helps alittle better.

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Drewfra2004 14 Jun 2016

Xanax and Adderall are perfectly fine to be taken together and the Xanax is not meant to be taken at bedtime like those I read would like to believe. Xanax is for panic disorder and is to be taken as needed not for a good night sleep and Adderall is to focus your mind to let you complete one task instead of starting multiple. Two totally different drugs use them independently for independent reasons but yes you can be on both.

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Juwatkin 28 Aug 2016

If you are using them as directed, absolutely. Many people on Adderall also take benzo.

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Jswr74 18 Oct 2016

I am not a doctor but just want share personal experience hopefully to help someone who's gone through. So I have high blood pressure and take 20mg of Lisinopril in the morning. This has made me very affected by caffine. So my case might be different. Todays my 5th day on Adderall. 10mg slow release. I took it at 6:00am. I had a headache, so my wife gave me a pill, it had 40mg of caffeine (not much for most people). A couple hours later I got a iced coffee only after a few sips, I begin getting very tingly and panicy. I poured my coffee out. I normally sip it very slow over 2 hours. Then things got bad. My heart started pounding, and tingles got worse. It started feeling like a panic attack. I took 2 aspirin, pretty much started freaking out. I went to my dark bedroom turned the fan on and started deep breathing and tried to lay perfectly still. I felt slightly better, but not much. I researched what to do and most people said start slamming water and take vitamin C.


I had 6 bottled waters. Oh yeah, they said to eat food, force yourself. I did it all. As I lay in bed the cramps started. BAD! Everywhere. Thighs, calves, hands, neck, jaw. Then I really began to panic. It took all my power to get out of bed. Finally I decided nothing was helping and decided to take a little xanax. I broke it uneven so it was about a .4mg Within 90 seconds I felt so much better! A wave of calm came over me. 15 minutes later, I was almost perfectly fine. It was like a miracle. As I write this I feel both amped and drousey. Hard to explain. I don't think it would be a good daily habbit, but it saved me big time. It's an hour later and I feel really good. Hope this helps.

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thedagda 8 Dec 2016

Exactly, you were having a panic attack and the Xanax did it's job. For people like myself and others who have dealt with panic disorder for many years and have been taking xanax the side effects of sedation and loss of focus come into play. I used to take adderall as a young adult for ADD and it worked well but I stopped taking it shortly after panic attacks started. Now I work as a software developer and find it incredibly hard to stay on task so was considering if the two could play nice. Your experience pretty much tells me what I was expecting. I will talk with my Dr about it.

Inactive 7 Jan 2017

I have been prescribed both and this is how the doctor explained it to me. I am on Vyvanse and mild clonazepam. Both drugs target different parts of the brain. YOur add medication will affect one part while your anxiety med will target another part. It is common for adults with ADD to also have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. For me this works great. I also always have a crash when there add med wears off, regardless of which type I use. I find Vyvanse the smoothest and the anxiety medication helps. My clonazepam is a very low dose but helps. I have found it to be the perfect combination. Add med neither keeps me up or puts me to sleep so that is not the issue. I have gad and add and the combo works perfectly. As I say they target different parts of the brain. I hope this helps explain things. Having said that, I do take a brake from the clonazepam every couple of weeks so it does not lose it's effectiveness. Good luck and the doctor did know what he was doing! !

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ptsd86 5 Apr 2017

technically yes but alprazolam is a anti-anxiety a depressant ... while adderall is a stimulant. Especially to those who do not have ADD..ADHA OF A BROAD SPECTRUM DISORDER . I would not advise taking them together as for the reason..1-1=0 ... stimulant +relaxant =cancel each other out. if you are severe adhd..ausburgers I understand not saying i do not ! If u or your child has to take both do the stimulant in the morning early after they eat, then around bed time or PRN(AS NEEDED EVERY 8 HOURS) night anxiety/ terror tends to hit me worst at night because of my past and insomnia . Personal opinion... take as little as needed be honest with your doctor and how you or your other feels . It took me 25 years to get on proper medications as well as finding a amazing doctor I'm truly blessed for her ! Wish you the best ! Feel free to ask again anything; ) I'm a RN IN training so I'm not a genius but have some concrete knowledge.

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Jessica1975 19 Apr 2017

So today is day one for me on adderall , I felt good after my first half of pill, and the doctor said since it was such a small mg that she wanted me to take the other half later in the day, so I took the other half at 630pm tonight when I left work.
So the back story is I've had anxiety my whole life and and tried multiple ssri's- with no help from them or the side effects were to much!
My therapist and now new doctor believe they have been treating me for anxiety the whole time but blowing me off when I would ask if it was possible I had adhd also!
They both agree I am completely ADHD! I have to admit I agree!!!


But also know I am very anxious also! I'm so anxious - I'm anxious to take the adderall! Aghhhhh so I did it, I sat at work with a co- worker who understands where I'm coming from and took it! I was fine and I continued on my day, then 4 hours later - just like most everyday-- I started to feel the heart palpitations begin and then that throws me into a complete panick attack, cause I'm scared I'm gonna drop dead! It's a battle everyday! So that's when I took the other half of the adderall - so my brain would slow its roll! But then got scared to take a Xanax ,, If I can't shake this anxiety, can I take one? Doctor said I can take them together, but then I read this post... Please help! I feel so helpless! Just wanna feel better!!!
It's a endless cycle!!! Thanks for your help!!!

Juliecr 24 Apr 2017

To Jessica1975. I hope you have in the last five days found your answers. As a patient on both medications with a medical background I want to reassure you that taking your medicine as prescribed and needed is not dangerous. Trust your doctor. When the ADD medications level dropped and you felt the panic that would be a time for the xanax. The doctors prescribe meds with the idea you will take your medicine in a way that will help to keep you from having the anxiety attacks. If you doctor wants you to take the xanax with the adderall do it. The only way the learn what works and doesn't is to try. As time goes by you will learn to know when you are near an attack. Those times you may need to adjust your meds. Take a dose of xanax. There is no reason for you to suffer like you did at work that day. Learn not to fear your medications.


If your medication is prescribed by a general practitioner and you still fear interactions or that your heart will stop you might want to consider seeing a psychiatrist. There are great GP's, Internists, and Family Practitioners. The advantage to a psychiatrist is that their practice is focused on mental health. Don't fear your help. Look forward to finding a way to manage you symptoms.

Kelcritcarroll 23 Jun 2017

When I was on an anxiety med along with my adderal I felt great... It did not cancel each other out for me it just kept my anxiety at a tolerable level while I could still make a thought that was productive from my adderal. Everyone is not the same and meds effect people differently so your comment does not ring true to me for instance... just my own experience though

Inactive 19 Oct 2017

I need a professional opinion. Do you mind?

DaynaS 22 Sep 2017

Hello there, I checked this combination on the interactions checker on this website and it said there are no interactions, so you should be good. Good luck to you.

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