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Is it safe to take Adderall and Xanax together?

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Chrissmile 31 March 2020

Adderall is s good medication for OCD. But if you take it 2 times a day. Take 2nd does earlier in the day or just take one a day. I take Xanax I don't take them together I never take adderall and Xanax together I take the Adderall in the day and take Xanax before I go to bed. And sometimes when I get really stressed I'll take a 1mg Xanax during the day. Just don't take them both at the same time

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Torbot 9 March 2020

I've been on 2mg X 3dy of Xanax and 30mg X 2dy of Adderall. I have severe anxiety (unspecified) as well as panic attacks. I've been on the Xanax for roughly 20 years and Adderall for about 15. I'm past the Xanax making me feel hazy stage and In combination I agree that the two put my mental state at an even keel. My Psychiatrist is a Good one. The difference between a Good Psychiatrists and a Great one, is that a good one will sit down with you and tell you the pros and cons of taking both prescriptions combined. As well as having sessions with you. A great one will prescribe you what you want and send you on your way. The great ones are for the people who are in RayRays class. Elvis fan are ya. Maybe he should have taken some Adderall, he wouldn't have died 350 pounds.

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Jlynn2019 3 June 2019

Im on an adhd med and clonazepam since years and im safe and fine. You just dont take them together obviously , take as prescribed clearly, so say take your anxiety med first thing you wake up or not til late evening , bedtime.. You take them properly and dont abuse them you should actually be fine.. Take the upper then downer not long after your heart doesnt know which way to go. .Good Luck. From CANADA.

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NewportJill 31 May 2019

I don't know if an md would recommend it, but i take both Adderall and Xanax every single day. I have such extreme fatugue and can focus after i take my Adderall (i used to just take Dexedrine -which worked great for about 10 years. Doesn't work great anymore. I usually only take my Adderall when i first wake up and Xanax normally at night (definitely think it helps me sleep ). But, i do get bad panic attacks and i have tried multiple methods to calm me down when i feel a panic attack/anxiety attack. I take my Xanax when my chest gets tight and i feel a panic/anxiety attack coming on. I found that if i really try, i can take my Xanax. All i have to do is hold on for 20-30 minutes until my Xanax takes effect.

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marzboy777 31 May 2019

I took Xanax several years ago, replaced it with Ativan and took that med for a few years. I don't take either of these meds anymore and I now take Adderall 30mg daily. I'm not a doctor only I've gotta say I don't think the combination of a benzo and a stimulant is a wise one. I'd say choose one or the other. But BOTH? I'd absolutely/positively get the advice of a qualified physician.

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Artkash 31 May 2019

I would never tell someone to mix two drugs they have not before with out asking people who have done ir before hand, In my experience i took 40mg of adderall and 2mg xanax 20 minutes after. It works just fine for me because the euphoria of the adderall is still present but the xanax takes away the jittery feeling i personally get from adderall. It also gives me a a slight buzz when i take them both togeather but hey that can just be me. Other then that its been safe for me so far i have done it many times. But I again i am just speaking from my personal experience and would never tell someone to mic any drug without some good research. Remember always start small you can always take more but you cant take less.

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Artkash 31 May 2019

Sorry for my bad spelling lol

Vanillavirtue 4 April 2019

Yes, because when I was taking Adderall I would take klonopin with it to aid with the come down effects of the Adderall. Klonopin and Xanax are of the same class of drugs

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Dubaday 19 Jan 2019

I don’t know your age..
is it safe yes.. is it good personally No!!
If you just had anxiety yes- but I see you have panic attacks , as do I. Xanax acts fast and wears off fast.. which makes the panic attacks increase.. n worse.. I would go for ativan or klonopin.. ❤️

Speaking from experience

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Teetee1989 19 Jan 2019

I do not know

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brick182 8 Oct 2018

I have always been ashamed because people say it is "speed-balling" but having social issues that involve chronic poor sleep, the mix of 3mg klonopin and adderall IR 30-40mg a day (varied over the years) really did allow me to do things that were next to impossible before. I mean simple things like greeting someone. It is very frustrating/depressing to feel like you are having to force out the words that you want to say such as "thank you." Or responding to being asked how I am.

With only one or the other, which I did take individually at times, I would often be lethargic on just klonopin, and I would typically take 2 at night and 1 in the morning. Adderall by itself, for me, is much easier to get negative effects like being shaky and clammy if I didn't eat enough or had too much caffeine.


With both, they counter the negative effects of each other that I did not care for extremely well. BUT PLEASE LISTEN WHEN I SAY THIS! Benzodiazepines are nothing to take for long like I did while being told nothing bad about what starts to happen after years of taking it and accumulating a tolerance. I, and many others, started to have mild withdrawal symptoms before the next dose, and I did not know that was happening at the time. Even worse, yes, much worse, is that I stopped taking it in December of 2016. I write this now in October of 2018, and I am still working my way back to a homeostasis of sorts in terms of neurotransmitters working properly and consistently.

Some don't seem to be so effected by it, but anyone I have met personally had a heck of time dealing with flu-like symptoms for weeks (most everyone if they have been on it for a while from what I gather) along with GABA down-regulation causing all sorts of bizarre symptoms that will make you wonder if you have acquired something terminal, or at the very least, extremely serious.

Klonopin stimulates GABA release into synapses, which is an inhibitory (the "stop" or "slow" mechanism) neurotransmitter that causes the calming effect. The problem is, that if you take it for extended periods of time, it seems (from my research) that the medicine causes the receptors that take in the GABA to actually change physically. Enough to not be able to properly take it in as it would have before you started the medicine.

Since GABA is the "slow" or "stop," there has to be a "go," or excitatory that works alongside it. That is glutamate. So the result for so many is essentially an inability to properly balance those two as they are needed. You end up with a non-stop "go" signal to roughly 60% of the nerves in your body which contain the two, if I remember correctly. So your brain, and the amygdala being the one that causes many, including myself a terrifying irrational fear of EVERYTHING. Your fight-or-flight can be always active. Imagine loving animals all your life and feeling afraid of your dog just looking at you. What about looking at the moon and thinking it's scaring you somehow? It's always scared. Not you, but your amygdala is constantly putting our the red alert to your nerves throughout your body.

Almost two years now, and I still am afraid to talk to my mother(and I'm a momma's boy!), my dad, brother, best friends, etc. Anyone really. I have trouble taking trash out 30 feet in a small apartment complex of 4 apts. Days full of having to manually breathe due to constantly feeling light-headed, but when doing that, I have a heck of a time trying to have the most simple of conversations. And I fear that I am coming off as rude or self-absorbed, when in reality, I am simply trying to maintain composure. It's not easy having a conversation while you are focusing on breathing and scared they are going to think lowly of you because you are essentially dope-sick, but no prescribing doctor ever warned me in any way about anything regarding a withdrawal that would last over 2 weeks.

In fact, there has only been one doctor that was extremely serious when she told me I needed to get off of it because it will cause permanent damage, 5+ years before I finally did choose to stop on my own because I was feeling stuck in a cycle of panic over rationing them out for the month as my tolerance grew higher and my dosage was always the same.

I could go on and on about this as it has been a very traumatic experience for me, along with extremely lonely when I apparently look fine to close loved ones, yet can't believe it based on how I felt, and still do about half the days of the week on average. Nobody believed what I was saying, despite having stopped it previously back 8 years ago where it took 3-4 weeks before I stopped feeling like I had a severe flu, severe nerve pain, dehydration, tremors... some as a sort of vibration that was extremely rapid as if I was sitting on a large speaker blasting music. And I was in an in-patient center with lots of great food, lots of rest, exercise, and about 6 more prescriptions than I went in with. The more recent time, I was on my own halfway across the country from family attempting to maintain a job as a dishwasher in a very high volume restaurant. I lasted two months before I finally got fired for missing two days during that time, but I was late very often. I could barely drive. I couldn't track things with my vision like I could normally. I couldn't look left and right at a stop and feel comfortable with my ability to take note of things. It would take me a few seconds to realize what I was looking at when I would move my eyes from one side to the other rapidly like you would at a stop. I got in a wreck (on ice with 2wd car trying to get to work one day in Denver) but luckily it was with a tree and I continued onto work with a big tree shaped dent in my bumper.

I was expecting it to be like the previous time stopping where it may take a month, but would be worth it to get off the stuff, despite the "benefits" it offered which really did help me. But if I had known what it would have put me through, there are no benefits that are worth the possible year or more of... there are no words to truly describe it... agony, both mental and physical. It has tested my will to live, my patience, my love for the ones that care for me, etc. Dark as you may want to go.

So, to wrap this up, I would seriously doing your homework before you take any benzo for more than a few weeks (tops, I believe it is not recommended for more than 3 consecutive days) unless you are seriously needing help and don't plan to get off of it. But the latter is my opinion. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I have, not Satan himself if he exists. But he surely could be behind it... offering a solution but with a hefty price tag hidden within.

I hope your doctor knows the dangers, because I have been to doctor after doctor that simply says that it's not possible. It must be something else in their mind. But it is very much clock-work in the way it feels when you stop. I have gone 1-2 weeks many times and it is always the same severe flu-like symptoms, agoraphobia, fever, non-stop sweating that always led to severe dehydration no matter what I did to try to counter it. So please be careful folks! I had severe social anxiety before, but after both times stopping it, I was many times worse with all sorts of scary symptoms throughout every aspect of your body. Mind, body, even my teeth were feeling soft for months. And the full-day panic attacks are still randomly placed throughout the week. I couldn't manage to work for nearly a year, but luckily I found a job delivering pizzas which is still pushing me to my limits all the time.

You do learn a lot about yourself though. Lots of incentive to understand your psyche and what things will set off panic attacks or fainting/seizures. I was able to see what was happening while I was on the floor those many times, but I did not have a clue where I was, what I was doing, why I was, if anyone was watching me convulse on the floor rhythmically. But nobody has seen them and nobody believes me except for a few people who have had them themselves. I recently saw one up close with a close friend and immediately I knew what it was he was experiencing. Or at least recognized it, but unsure if it was a seizure. Nobody believes me there either, and I have passed out from too many allergy test shots as a young child, to getting blood drawn, to over-doing it in sports, and many other times. I was not awake during those. I remember all of this, but I just thought nothing of it until it stopped.

Be careful! I know how much it helps, but you may end up much worse years later as I have and a few people I know personally. Then the internet is filled with people looking for guidance/help on sites like benzobuddies.

Say no to drugs kids. All mood-altering drugs unless you are seriously ill and scared you may do something that you wouldn't do normally. Sorry for the rant, but this stuff has messed me up. I still take adderall, but lower dose as it can be hard on my body... mainly kidneys and skin drying very easily to the point of itchy rashes on my face and scalp.

Best of luck

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TK83 2 June 2018

I'm needing to get my doctor to write this combination for me anyone know of a doctor in KY that is good?

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Sbaccaire72 14 April 2018

I have been on Adderall and Klonopin for years now my psychiatrist tells me that there is going to be a new law that you cannot be on Klonopin and Adderall at the same time you have to be on either one or the other that that Law is going to enjoy affect soon

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Satori3636 18 May 2018

Oh that's just wonderful! I depend on both myself. If that is true and it happens I don't know what the hell I will do, I'll be screwed.

Adam9902 25 Dec 2017

I have severe anxiety. My psychiatrist absolutely hates prescribing Xanax because if the withdraws you get from it. She gives me Valium (diazepam) instead because the half life is way longer than Xanax. As with any benzo the withdraws can be really dangerous. I also have ADD. She will no prescribe me adderall because it will make anxiety worse. I have heard wonderful things about adderall and how it helps them. I’ve never been able to use it. I’m only taking diazepam for about 3 months. She also has me on Prozac for anxiety. Prozac is a long term fix for anxiety. Prozac is slow acting so it takes awhile to stable you’re anxiety. But she said as soon as my anxiety is under control is when she will give me adderall. Always talk to your pharmacist when getting prescriptions. They give a free consult and should be able to tell you what medications you can take together and which ones to avoid.

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Judithred 26 Sep 2017

To whomever criticizes the person(s) taking the combo... there are so many different dosages of both. Someone can be on adderall and Xanex with moderate and controlled dispersion depending on BMI, needs, etc. don't cast aspersions on these people or their primaries. More than likely they have been comprehensively tested for ADHD and have anxiety in addition. Their care provider has a medical and or psychiatric license and knows what to prescribe. Do you??? Didn't think so. Just let people be and don't cause concern where there is none. Both meds can be mixed safely in the proper and correct dosages. Don't invite fear where there shouldn't be any. In other words... don't act or presume that YOU can dispense medical advice from your own personal experience or that of family and or friends.

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DaynaS 22 Sep 2017

Hello there, I checked this combination on the interactions checker on this website and it said there are no interactions, so you should be good. Good luck to you.

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