Was prescribed 15mg Adderall and 1mg guanfacine for my combined ADHD/ADD. I just started the guanfacine a week or so ago and I don’t think it is doing anything. I don’t have a good sleep schedule due to being a college student and often stay up for long time in the night or struggle to fall asleep, especially after starting Adderall two months ago. Doctor said guanfacine is used to treat ADHD in children and adults and that the guanfacine should help with the impulsivity, insomnia, and emotional over-reaction i have. Would it be better to take the guanfacine in the morning with one of my Adderalls, give it more time, go up in dose, just give up on it altogether?

Would love to know if others have taken this combination and their experience with it. I am very scared of going up in my Adderall medication because of the addictiveness but not even sure if it is working to help me focus and more than without it. Please answer!