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Can guanfacine be crushed? My son has only taken liquid medicine?

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Abbyrad04 11 Oct 2019

This medicine does in fact come in a liquid form. My son has the same issue so I specifically asked for a liquid compound and they gave it to me.

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Stephen Treloar 11 Jan 2015

The instant release pills can be crushed but the extended release version is coated and should not be crushed (they are not interchangeable, mg for mg):

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kaismama 11 Jan 2015

It says do not crush, cut or chew. You would think they would come up with something easier then the pills since its the kids that are treated. Can you give it to him a spoonful of applesauce or something. Lord I just had a Mary Poppins moment. lolol.

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mlrcheesecake 12 Jan 2015

My son is too smart for that. He knows there aren't lumps in applesauce or yogurt. He is very picky and knows if something is different than his usual.

Khristian 4 Jan 2018

I wished i new the answer cuz I fight with my son every night.. can u crush

Khristian 4 Jan 2018

I wished i new the answer cuz I fight with my son every night.. can u crush

Kim72284 26 March 2018

You can crush or chew the guanfacince immediate release however it's highly recommended NOT to crush or chew the guanfacine extended release as it will release too much medication into their system at one time.

There is liquid but it is difficult to get insurance companies to pay for it because it costs more. If guanfacine is working I would try asking the Dr for liquid Methylphenidate HCl . My son's Dr started him on this and it was WONDERFUL. Now that he is older and starting to take vitamins by mouth we switched to the Guanfacine ER. He is hit and miss with taking it so we also have the methylphenidate for the days he really fights taking his pill. free discount card

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