I was recently dismissed from pain management after one year, because when they did my pill count one week in to a new script I was at 7 pills of 7.5 hydrocodone instead of the six I was prescribed. They immediately took my medication and gave me the Butrans patch that broke me out in hives. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, fibro, chronic shin splints, several bulging disks and fusing starting to happen in several places. I am in so much pain. The doctor was angry because he kept increasing the same short acting med for a year, then I was off by one. I am gutted and live in an area with little pain management. I travelled 6 hours to see a new doctor and after my old doctor spoke to him he wrote me off as well. I told him just as I told you and have otherwise been compliant and all of my tests were right on.