Here is my timeline of Effexor usage -
- 7 days on 37.5 mg
- 2 days on 75 mg
I am REALLY tempted to go cold turkey at this point (even though my psychiatrist did advise me to taper down to 37.5mg for 4 days first) since this medication is turning me into a zombie with no emotions at all. Can I get some practical answers to the question of "how severe will my withdraws be if I quit 75 right now, considering that I have only been on this medication for 9 days?" I am not going to appreciate any answers that say "please just listen to your psychiatrist and do what he says". I know that that is what you are "supposed" to do but please just tell me what you think the difference will be between me quitting right now and quitting after 4 more days of 37.5. Will appreciate it.