I know this has been asked a lot as i have read forum after forum. I dont seem to find a clear answer. Is there anyone who has successfully quit effexor cold turkey? I am very brand new to antidepressants. A brief stint with paxil 17 yrs ago with no noticeable change. I began celexa in march for 6 weeks with no noticeable change so was switched to effexor xr. I did read about it and questioned my doc about side effects which she made seem like no big deal. 6 weeks on 75mg not really any improment so increased to 150mg. Still no improvent so via phone i asked to try 225. That caused a nervous break down and i wanted to kill myself. I was put immediately down to 75mg. I probably stayed there for a couple weeks. Found a new doc. Quit effexor cold turkey and saw new doc on day 3 of withdrawl. He suggested wellbuterin and didnt seem concerned with cold turkey stopping. I am on day 4 of withdrawl and i am dizzy, nauseous, foggy and uncontrollably tired. So tired and dizzy i cant function. I dont notice any brain zaps. Since i only took it a couple months does anyone have any idea when i will at least feel somewhat normal? Today is day 2 of wellbuterin. Im horrified of even trying it. I think effexor is a drug that should only be tried in pts with no improvement with other drugs first. This drug should be a last resort.