Hi, favour to ask: detailed answers requested! :-). Anyone whose had experience with Prozac and the side effect of insomnia? Would like to know:
a/ Was insomnia an initial side effect that went away with time?
b/ how long did it take for the insomnia to subside?
c/ was the sleeplessness something that didn't go away and caused a change in meds from Prozac to__________?
d/ What one did and/or took medication-wise to help counteract the insomnia.
e/ also your take on whether you think Prozac was a helpful medication or not?
Any provided info would be great!!! I wake up between 6 to 12 times a night! :-( Annie.B.Tired but is noticing some alleviation of the depression with the Prozac -- little incremental 'windows' of improvement -- slow and small but I'll take whatever small improvement that comes along! I do have meds here that I could take (short term i.e. not every night) for sleep, but had a reaction/sensitivity to one some time ago and am a little medication leery/apprehensive...