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Does propranolol effec night. time sleep?

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tomtom4 3 April 2016

It affects different people in different ways, it caused sleep disturbance and insomnia for me at 3x 40mg per day. It is a common side effect of the drug because it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

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chuck1957 26 March 2016

I know you already have a couple of great answers, I don't know what dose you're on But I have been taking the 80mg Sr. Capsules for almost 20 years and outside of being tired for the first few days, it has never bothered me at all. I started it for Migraine prevention which it works really well for me. But the best benefit I got is it really helped my anxiety a lot. But as said we all react differently to medications so all you can do is try it. But I have really had no side effects. Remember that also if you live in a real sunny place during that time of year you want to wear sunscreen it can cause you to sunburn easy photosensitivity.

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chuck1957 4 April 2016

Whoever asked if anything it may help you sleep but even that would be temp. and it's rare to effect the sleep after you have taken it for a few days. if it is check with your doctor could just be you are not able to take them. these are a beta blocker which many people develop a cough and that might be what is waking you up and if it happens to one the doctor well have to change it to a different class of meds because if it happens with one it most likely well with another

Delila 24 March 2016

Hi, as Masso has responded, it can do. However not in all cases. I didn't have any sleep disturbance when i was taking it. You won't know until you try it unfortunately

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masso 23 March 2016

Nervous system
Rare cases of paresthesias and myasthenia gravis have been associated with propranolol.[Ref]

Common (1% to 10%): Fatigue and/or lassitude (often transient), sleep disturbances, nightmares, sleep disorder, agitation, somnolence, irritability.

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