Pristiq has been the only medication that seems to have worked for my depression and anxiety. However, it may just be that fact that my life situations have changed and gained some more support to help me through it - or a combination of the two idk. I have gained so much weight since taking this drug and the withdrawal is awful. If I miss a dose, I get a pounding headache, I feel dizzy and off balanced, and I get nauseous and lose my appetite. I just can't function while off it. I had to call out work recently because I had missed a dose by accident the day before. I really want off of this drug, but I am terrified of what I am going to go through when I stop taking it. Since I am very forgetful, the chances of me missing another dose is very high. I tend to be in a rush in the morning. Does anyone know anything that helps ease the symptoms of withdrawal (headaches/dizziness)? Will taking ibuprofin or dramamine help? I can't be missing anymore days of work. (Yes, I am trying to set alarms and write notes everywhere to remind me to take my medicine.)