If you've gained weight, do you think it is due to any medications you may take? If you have lost weight as a result of BMS, are you receiving any treatment at all for the oral burning pain - so that you can eat? I have found weight gain to be an issue but never before in my life. Eight years ago before I got BMS, I was fit, very physically active and 20 lbs "lighter" than now. My diet is basically ICE water all day for the burning tongue and then my home prepared dinner of very lean protein and steamed fresh veggies. Occasional fresh fruit like a few cherries or a small piece of watermelon. Other than deleting dinner, there is not any other food to take out of my diet. I do not eat sugar, desserts, candy, fast food, sweets, snacks, chips, etc for 8+ years now but the weight gain has continued. Due to several surgeries, progressive nerve entrapment, arthritis, I'm not able to do many of the physical activities I once did. Some BMS people say they've gained weight, but others say they have lost weight. Maybe medication is a factor/side effect as well. I was 58 when I first developed BMS. I've tried to lose 10 lbs but no luck so far. :( K2Z