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Does Prilosec cause joint, bone and/or muscle pain?

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Inactive 11 Aug 2012

Bone pain is considered a severe side effect of this med, you must seek immediate medical attention.

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AquariusAnneCA 12 Aug 2012

Yes, yes and yes! Prilosec or Omeprazole the generic for Prilosec is what I took for 12 years. My fingers became distorted, I had gout, my legs are still in some pain but I am weaning off of the medication and my bone pain is so much better, gout is gone, fingers are beginning to straighten out and I am walking better. Also, my shortness of breath is almost gone too... not good medication for me! I am taking a zantac 2 times a day and it is helping the horrible heartburn that came with a vengeance when I first stopped the Omeprazole... consider talking to your doctor to a change and not a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) since this stops your production of acid and causes a lot of other problems... just my opinion.
Aquarius Anne

tmartindub 28 Oct 2012

I was prescribed Prilosec for gerd for several years and after a couple of months I developed joint pain so bad I could hardly walk. I was diagnosed as having onset of arthritis. Purely by accident I missed two doses of Prilosec and the pain was almost gone and immediately came back when I resumed the dosage. During the period of two missed doses, my gerd came back with a vengance, far worse that I had it to start with. PPIs should be taken off the market entirely because of their side effects. Sure, they get rid of the gerd but you are hooked for life unless you wean yourself off it as I did. The pain is improving daily.

AquariusAnneCA 29 Oct 2012

tmartindub, would you mind stating at this time how you are feeling without the daily dose of Prilosec (Omeprazole)? You said you went off of it as I did too. Without the meds, if I am the least bit stressed, or I bend down, or eat something with too much acid, I am in bad pain and have to take a Prilosec. I am so fearful I will get a much worse problem since as you say we get hooked on the darn PPI's. I still get heartburn but not as bad as I did. I was considering the procedure of having the hernia wrapped around the stomach but do not have anyone I know that has had it done. Please let me know how you are feeling and if you are still off the meds Prilosec?
Thank you,

tmartindub 21 Nov 2012


What you described is the same for me, i.e. stress, bending. However,I don't yet have the pain you mention. Also if I eat small meals and avoid the things I love to eat (not enough space to list) and avoid some drinks like Cokes and such, I do pretty well. I do take Pepcid for flareups but by and large my joints no longer ache all th time and I can walk without pain. My docs told me I was crazy and that they had never heard about Prilosec and joint pain. As you well know, it is all over the net. I hope this answers your questions.


tmartindub 4 Apr 2013

I would like to update my comment of 10/2012. I have managed to get off Prilosec with a lot less discomfort than I was expecting. I went from one capsule a day to one every other day, then one every two days for a period of two weeks. During that time I went back to basics: bland food and water and totally eliminated coffee and now drink hot tea.

When the effects of the Prilosec wore off an it was totally out of my system I only had minor heartburn and reflux for a few days. I used Alka-Selzter at night before bed to help night time reflux. It has been six months and I am, for the most part, reflux free. I still do not drink coffee but rather tea, milk and water. If I overeat, I can still get a bit of reflux but I eat small meals.

My joint pain is much better and now it is only due to arthritis and not the Prilosec. If you are on Prilosec, don't give up.

Tiphani 2 Jan 2015

I just stumbled along this post. I have been taking Prilosec for 12 years for GERD. I have developed muscle pain and cramps that no one seems to understand, and I often have to jump out of bed during the night to walk out a cramp. I also have low magnesium, which in the PDR it states Prilosec can cause. I have been off of Prilosec for 48 hours and this is the first morning in years that I could stretch without getting a cramp before getting out of bed. I am going to try to stay off Prilosec but I am doing it "cold turkey." I am going to watch what I eat and avoid food that cause me distress. I am hoping that this will stop my muscle cramps and pain. How are you doing now? Are you still off Prilosec? Is your pain still gone and do you have any other advice?

sweatypie8 22 Jan 2015

Thank goodness I found this information. I started with Nexium and changed to Prilosec several years back. No doctor would listen to me when I suggested that PP could be the cause. Instead they prescribe Prednisone for the muscle/bone/joint inflammation, and anxiety meds, and sleep aid not to mention vitamin supplements. I've been on Predisone for 3 years now. Low dose. Now I am taking matters into my own hands. The vicious cycle that I have been in is slowing ending before it kills me. Day 1 without PP and I can function. Thank goodness! I'm taking Zantac 2x per day but I do have Barretts so I really have to watch what I eat. Good luck to us all. Maybe a doctor will "get it" one day!

GINGERBREAD02 2 May 2015

I have been taking this med. For years and had weakness in arms and joint pain some shortness of breath .when I stoped taking it pain is gone and weakness and shortness of breath. now if hart burn gets bad a take a a tum

sunnydazs 9 May 2015

I just started taking prilovec about 3 weeks ago. I have been having severe joint ,bone body pain and had suspected the medicine as the cause. Today I confirmed that and then found this site. I called the pharmacist and when I told her my symptoms she said she has had never heard this complaint before but it didn't mean it couldn't happen. So my suggestion to everyone is let your pharmacist and the makers of the drug know the symptoms we are all having. This way it will get added to the list of side effects and others will be informed. Now I'm going to call my doctor on Monday to see about getting some new meds. Oh she also asked if I was taking any cholesterol meds which I am not. I guess they don't work together. Good luck to all and thanks for your comments they have been so helpful.

sunnydazs 27 May 2015

Just a suggestion, something I have been using that has helped with the acid. I now take a good size teaspoon of baking soda put it in a tall glass of water and it quickly gets rid of my acid. All natural no side effects much safer to use. Good luck all.

cupid2d 11 Jun 2015

Just read a post by someone May 2015 and this is exactly what has been going on with me for almost 2 months. I've been on generic Prilosec for over 3 years. Recently I started getting the worse leg/shin/knee bone pain. Everyone thought I was insane... prescribed Neurontin does help but Dr said GET OFF this med asap. I did recently... We shall see if this helps... I have so many of the side effects that I never realized...

cupid2d 11 Jun 2015

How long does it take to get out of your system to have relief?

tmartindub 6 May 2016

It takes a couple of days (in my case) to notice a difference. A week and you may feel like your old self. I take nothing now (65 years old) but a small aspirin and BP meds. NO reflux and not a bit of leg pain. I even have resumed running reasonable distances (a passion of mine in younger days) and play tennis in a league several times a week. If you are on Prilosec (or maybe any PPI at all) you may want consider getting off it and taking alternative measures to control gerd.

sunnydazs 14 Apr 2017

Thanks for the advise about the baking soda. Someone from work told me about that and it worked like a charm. I stopped taking the proposed right away and my symptoms disappeared. Thanks

Buffy 279 27 Jun 2018

OK Fans..I went from an athletic 66 yr old riding horses/ running 5 k's and gym to an invalid within a month of taking a 2 week course of Prevacid to hopefully restore my voice after an ENT doc scoped my throat and said he saw some "mild irritation " possibly causes by Gerd... although I never suffer heart burn... After day 5 and diarrhea I was getting muscle spasms down my legs/lack/ shoulder and extreme hip nad back pain at different times . the Nurse said it takes a week or more for your body to get used to the drug..some gastric upset is expected... finally after I could not run and or sleep without cramps Day 10 voice returned in time for me to call the Doc and insist I stop the meds. He put me on a low dose of Zantac AFTER meals only which did not seem to have any side effects . After a month of pain walking/sitting etc / x rays... my family doc advised me to see an orthopedic surgeon/ Advancing Arthritis in both hips!!! That was over a years ago...


I'm on my first Total Hip Replacement and Restricted activities/Therapy for Advanced Spinal Stenosis for which the surgery is a LAST RESORT... MY LIFE WAS RUINED... STAY AWAY FROM USING ANY PPI DRUG PERIOD 6/27/2018 Martha

naseempatel213 22 Aug 2015

Oh my God!! i had the worst pain in my legs. I truly believe this med has strong side effects on bones. If you have arthiritis, please take this med with lot of precaution.

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davhag49 23 Aug 2015

Mine is,more of a agreement than a answer. I have so many of the side effects listed and thankful for all the answers shared here to help me make a decision of weaning off this med

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cmacdon 6 Dec 2015

Two days ago I was putting cold compresses and hot compresses on to try and dull the pain I was in. I was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago and thought the pain was somehow connected to that. I started Prilosec when I had an attack of GERD due to Metformin.. I had taken it for a short time years ago with success. This time was different. I had pain in the muscle area of my upper arms, my hips and basically all over. I was honestly in misery and knew it was a different kind of pain.


I searched to see if there was anything online as to side effects and was shocked to see there was. Yesterday morning I did not take Prilosec. I could honestly say that I was 60 % better than the day before. Today ... I am pain free !!! This is after weeks of almost unbearable pain. If you are having pain and major aches in places you have never had them before.. try just 2 days off Prilosec. It will speak for itself ... I would rather put the head of my bed up , use a product like Gaviscon , watch what I eat and limit my bending over than ever go thru' that agony again. Thanks you for this forum and Good luck to all those who don't have to suffer this pain.

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Queenie101 25 May 2016

OMG ! I am suffering with the same issues . I started out with a dull ache in my legs now I'm stiff all over and my whole body aches . I'm also experiencing trouble with holding my bladder .

fmin 20 Apr 2016

I took Prilosec for 9 months. 50% of the time 20mg, and 50% of the time 40mg OTC. I have severe wrist, and knee pain, which might be unrelated. I regularly take Calcium Citrate, and Magensium supplements. If you're experiencing pain like this, please share it on my health blog I'm really curious to learn about your story.

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Crowsnest 68 28 Jun 2016

I am currently taking omeprpzole twice daily. I have been experiencing back shoulders and neck cramping and pain. Any ideas for omeprpzole replacement and supplements to ease the pain and muscle cramping?

Loriesu 28 Mar 2017

I have been on 40mg of omeprazole for a year now, I woke up one morning and couldn't walk. Severe pain pain in my knee, the only meds I have been taking is this Omeprazole and the pain developed after 8 months on them. No knee injury, no twisting of the knee... nothing that makes sense.
I began researching this medicine and are finding others that have experienced joint pain. I took my last dose on Sunday, I am going to see if my knee gets better now I'm off of these meds. MRI and X-ray have been done and the only thing they are seeing is inflammation. I will do updates on this joint pain.

Anniecan 5 May 2017

I have muscle, bone and joint pain... and been checked for fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and lyme disease... all negative. I am now convinced it is due to either the Omeprazole or Lexapro I have been on for years ... also take Symbicort inhaler. In the last few days got off the Omeprazole and started Zantac.. pains still there... how long before I would feel relief before assuming it is not the cause? I also developed an allergy to nasaids so am MISERABLE... crying alot and not sure what is wrong and if I will ever feel better... Thank you in advance for any advice... Blessings!

sharon421702 9 May 2017

After three days on Prilosec I had horrible leg pains and then it moved to hip pain. Almost unbearable. I have a call into my doctor and I did not take the drug today and will not take it any more. Looking for other alternatives.

Gbarney60 27 Jun 2018

I took Prilosec 20 mg and 40 mg as well, separate times of course. However, I experienced wrist , shoulder and foot pain . I am now taking Zantac 150 mg , I’m not experiencing severe joint paint, but it does not work as well as the Prilosec.

Peterbimla 29 May 2016

Does Prilosec cause muscle and/or joint pain.

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Mljva 16 Jul 2016

Hi all. I took 20mg of prilosec for over a decade. About 9 years ago, my hip started hurting and has gotten progressively worse. Also, my magnesium level went way down. My doc put me on mag supplements to the point that I started having bathroom problems. Also said that I have arthritis. X rays proved otherwise. With all of the negatives about prilosec, I have started two new plans. First, I am weaning off of prilosec. Taking 10mg of prilosec in the morning and 150 of zantac in the evening with tums if needed during the day. It seems to be working and I have been on this plan for 3 weeks. Hip pain is hugely better! I cut down the magnesium supplements by 2/3 and am using topical magnesium after every shower. The least sticky topical I have found is EASE spray. Bought from the manufacturer in quantity saves a lot of $.


Not only has my serum magnesium improved over the past several months but my skin is soft and smooth where I apply the spray! I have psoriasis and have not had any skin issues since I started the spray! My dermatologist was blown away! Also, I had restless leg syndrome and the spray stops that cold! If I get lazy and don't spray after a shower, I usually can tell by leg twitching later. It also, for some reason, helps me sleep! My next step will be to try to get off of the other 10mg of prilosec but I want to be sure I do it slowly. Maybe drop to 5mg for a while.

Mljva 27 Jul 2018

I am off prilosec. If you want to do this, take it slow! I took 10 mg every third day with 20 mg on the other two. Then, after a week, reversed the doses. The next two weeks, all 10s. Then the same routine with 10s and 5s. I supplemented the 5s with zantac day and night. When on all 5s, I started dropping a dose every 4 days. After dropping that twice, I dropped another one after 3 days, twice. Then two days twice. Then one day. Then OFF. I do need tums for breakthru gerd and I still take the zantac twice a day. I weaned my husband off of prilosec the same way. PLEASE, IF YOU ARE OR WERE TAKING ANY OF THE PPIS, GET YOUR MAGNESIUM AND BONE DENSITY CHECKED! Our magnesium is now back to normal but was very dangerously low while on the prilosec. My bone density went down far more than one would expect between tests, a normal situation for those on long term prilosec use. Any ppi will cause this. Most docs do not routinely screen for magnesium as it use to rarely be an issue.


For ppi users, it is now a serious side effect. This drug should never have been allowed as a non Rx. For those who want to get off of it, YOU CAN DO IT. Just take it slow.

briggeta 10 Oct 2018

What is the reason for taking it slow? Thank you.

Mljva 10 Oct 2018

I assume you are asking why to wean off of prilosec slowly. Prilosec and other PPIs are brutal if you simply stop taking them. Weaning off slowly works well and won’t cause the heartburn you will get if you simply stop taking it. I explained how we got ourselves off. It takes a while and we are still taking generic zantac twice a day plus tums if and when needed. We have a new primary care doc. He says that it is known now how bad PPIs really are. Low magnesium, bone density is affected, and more. Not sure if the PPIs caused my issues with my hip (my hip replacement was lifechanging) but I am so glad to be rid of the PPIs. I wish it was more commonly known how truly dangerous they are!

sara12345 10 Jun 2016

Most likely anyone answering this post has bone pain. I stopped taking Protonix for over a month and felt no difference with my pain problems. But not only did I have acid reflux, but constant coughing. My pulmonologist, from my breathing tests, said that it was from not taking the Protonix. There can be severe problems that can occur to your esophagus if you do need an acid reflux medication. So hopefully those of you who have stopped taking it are not having problems.

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Mljva 16 Jul 2016

I also had constant coughing and acid reflux. The prilosec stopped the reflux but not the cough. My doc suggested getting off of lisinopril and the cough went away in short order. He called it "ace cough" and said it is quite common. Now working to get off the prilosec...

Gaboo101 29 Aug 2016

Just a couple of comments that might help. I came off Omeprazole to see if joint pain would subside. It took around 8-9 weeks before my symptoms started to improve, they then got better and better. I only lasted that long as a work colleague advised he had done the same before seeing improvements. I had been on them for many years so maybe something builds up in the system? Since then, i haven't been able to stay off PPI meds due to the acid reflux. Every so often i feel the joint pain coming on then take a break from the meds. Its tough as i have to eat a super clean diet to reduce the acid but sure enough my joint pain stops. Every time!

sara12345 31 Aug 2017

To Gaboo, Sorry that I just saw your response. I was severely ill at this time last year. I'm wondering what your clean diet is. Thanks for any details that you can give me. (I do have an addiction to chocolate that I know is bad.)

7527 11 Jun 2016

Absolutely. See your doctor please. I could not take that type drug for that reason.

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Candi1482 26 Jan 2017

OMG I thought I had something seriously wrong with me until I goggled this in take 40mg delayed release why they gave me the delayed release is beyond me my legs the muscle and the bones hurt I'm severely nauseous stomach pain gas chest pain I feel like at times I can't breathe which causes me to panic I feel like going back to my Dr and slapping him with this pill bottle to be honest I was prescribed this because I was stressed out and I was so stressed I started to have digestive issues and lost weight well I don't know how this is helping because when I take this I really can't eat at all or if I do eat it's a tiny amount so I could've just stuck with being stressed out and eating an occasional meal here and there to now having the desire to want to eat but feel as if I'm going to vomit everywhere if I attempt to eat also my bones pop and creak all the time which would be ok if I was in my 70s (no offense) but ...


however I'm in my mid thirties and I feel like crap the first time I took this I had a sneezing fit I sneezed so much within a few hours until I accused family members of using new cleaning products that I was sensitive to lol that's when I said Ok wow this is some serious crap here I goggled all my symptoms and it came up with HIV and I sat there and panicked and cried and then I begin to think rationally like that honestly can't be it I was just at the hospital two weeks ago and they ran my labs for about everything under the sun (you know just crap to rack up my insurance in other words) and thank God I thought hey I just started this omeprazole I don't think this is it but let me google it anyway sure enough I had all these symptoms I'm so pissed what the hell was my Dr thinking or did he fail to think one pissed off patient here

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whisperingsage 28 Feb 2017

Yes, having been a mednurse for 10 years, it is common practice for practitioners to prescribe Prilosec even when pts have no stomach or GERD history. I do not know why.
i myself hve been on prilosec for severe duodenal ulcer since 2014. i have had such severe arthritis i have been unable to return to work.
a friend linked me to mouse ulcer research that showed Vitamin B6, L cysteine and threonine ( amino acids- otc nutrients) were protective against alchol induced ulcers. not that thats our issue, but they needed to create ulcers for the research. So that's my next . step. Pardon my typos. My phone is being very uncooperative.

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Jerseygal65 14 Apr 2017

Have fibromyalgia 15 yrs, achy with fatigue but managed it. Put on Prilosec daily for reflux about 3 yrs ago. About the same time my aching legs got so bad I could barely function. Heard recently Prilosec might be tied to dementia so I stopped it and switched to Zantac which doesn't work as well. BP increased a bit, not good, but less aching, more energy! Still thought it must be coincidence because what would heartburn meds have to do with aching legs? Just ran out of Zantac so have taken Prilosec past 5 days and each day worse than the last for stiffness and aches! No heartburn but going to have to switch back to Zantac and if I feel better again well then I'm sold. I've had a couple months of nearly pain free while off prilosec!! Omg why don't doctors know about this!? If it's true, years wasted missing out on activities due to pain.

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Wjzebo 23 Aug 2017

I have used prilosec and the generic off and on every 3 to 6 months a couple weeks at a time the drug always worked well. Then I used it the past 2 weeks and develop severe hip and leg pain.can't even sleep hopefully pain will subside in few days .will never use this again.I changed to Apple cider vinegar before meals and small portions of food .acid reflux is under control try different things it can't hurt this drug might work for some people not me

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robbinkay 31 Aug 2017

My Dr. put me on Omeprazole 40 mg twice a day for a bleeding ulcer. Within just a couple of days I started having leg aches that within no time became unbearable. I could hardly walk. After 2 weeks in excruciating pain I googled and found out that the pain could be a side effect of the Omeprazole. I stopped that moment and a couple days later at my regular Dr appointment my Dr said it was a rare side effect but she agreed that I needed to come off of the Omeprazole. She said it happens to about 3-5% of people. She has switched me to something called Dexilant saying I shouldn't have the same problem. After reading about it, it also shows this could be a side effect. :( It's only been 2 days and I'm hopeful this pain will go away. It is honestly horrible and makes it hard to walk. I think what sucks worse is no one really believes it's as bad as it is.

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JLBvision 20 Jan 2018

Had pain in lower back, buttocks, back of legs after taking Omeprazolz, 20 mg twice a day for only four days. Could not sit down or lie down. Stopped and it took 72 hours for the pain to stop. Following a diet provided by my doctor. Eating smaller meals. Eat dinner earlier and don’t lie down for three hours after eating. Feel much better. Trying to manage GERD without medication.

gmitzzz 5 Sep 2017

I was given a prescription for Prilosec (Omeprazole) 40 mg for possible duodenal ulcer. After reading possible side effects, I decided to try OTC 20 mg extended release tablet instead. Gastro pain improved from the 1st tablet so I was encouraged by the results. Four days into the treatment my legs are feeling weak with moderate muscle soreness. Today I woke up with excruciating hip and leg pain at 2 am. The pain is constant and making it hard for me to walk, relax or sleep. Called the company to see if this is a reported side effect. Naturally the company was not willing to discuss "other" patients reported side effects with me and merely wanted further information on my personal health, so not very helpful. Not sure of the reason for the hip and leg pain but I am stopping the medication immediately and reporting this effect to the prescribing nurse practitioner today.

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cossee 11 Jul 2018

causes more issues than it helps. I’ve been on it for 8+ years, developed muscle pain, in arms and lower back.Dr said your just getting Old {55}!!!
I heard on a radio talkback show callers and a Dr discussing Omeprazole all complaining of muscle pain.After starting One lady became unable to walk permanently. So ladies check it out as it appears can cause permanent condition in females . I’ve Stopped so has the muscle pain.

Zooleanneder 27 Jul 2018

I started taking Prilosec for suspected GERD. On day 3 I noticed muscle/joint pain that got so bad it kept me awake all night. The aching in my legs and back was terrible. I also had elevated temperature. Never had these symptoms prior to taking.
So glad to hear I'm not alone! Going to switch to something else.

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