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Does Prilosec cause joint, bone and/or muscle pain?

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Michelesmo 12 Sep 2019

I was misdiagnosed with GERD and prescribed Prilosec 20mg twice daily. I took it 8 weeks before voluntarily weaning myself. Within 2 weeks of taking it I had unpleasant side effects. I could not eat a meal larger than my fist bc if I did I would get terrible cramps in my stomach and trapped gas. The food just layed in my stomach. Same with anything fatty. i lost 12 pounds in about 3 weeks. I had insomnia which was never a problem before. I had a few nites where I only slept 1-2 hrs and a handful of nites lying awake until 4am. I experienced heightened anxiety on this drug. I have had issues with panic attacks in my past, but was well under control. Hadn't had anxiety in 5 years, until the Prilosec. Also, I had muscle cramps and spasms particularly in my diaphragm area. It made it impossible to exercise or even exert bc that triggered a spasm. I also developed neck and back pain in my spine while taking prilosec.


That is the only thing that hasn't disappeared since I stopped taking the meds 14 days ago. Had an x-ray and my spine shows arthritis and bone spurs in my spine. I'm 36 yrs old and had an active lifestyle. I believe the arthritis was there, but the Prilosec exacerbated the pain of it. My doc is sending me to PT to get some relief. Long story short, I really had costochondritis, which caused a pain dotors misdiagnosed as heartburn. Once I came off the ppis, my costo seemed to worsen for a several days before starting to subside. Call me crazy, but I 100% believe the Prilosec somehow inhibited the "progression and healing process" of the costochondritis. There's a link between PPIs and reduced calcium absorbtion so I'm wondering if that factored into my situation. I personally think PPIs are dangerous if taken longer than the 14 day course and I've been warning my friends and family against taking them. Diet/lifestyle changes and H2 blockers are a better option. Unfortunately doctors jump to the big guns. Even my pharmacist, who is a friend as well, says he wouldn't even touch PPIs, and he even has a hiatal hernia. No good.

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Kaye Solomon 6 Sep 2019

Yes. I have taken it before and it made my ankles and feet swell. Then started again 2 weeks ago. Today I woke up to a swollen stiff and painful left knee which started inthe middle of the night, pain in my feet, ankles, both knees and hips. I will never take it again.

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pilled up 25 April 2019

I am so glad I found this thread. I have been on 40 mg omeprazole for 6 weeks due to GERD. The past couple weeks I've been having hand and wrist pain such that I can't bench press or do other sporting activities. I was assuming this was just old age creeping up on me and was getting depressed but now I see a glimmer of hope that my pain could be caused by either this omeprazole or the red yeast rice I'm taking as a statin substitute. Great info here.

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mikmagkat 22 March 2019

I started on generic Prilosec about six weeks ago and notice a lot of leg and sciatica like pain. I take Naproxen, and I was told by my doctor to take it to avoid getting an ulcer from side effects of Naproxen.

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LizzieSC 7 Jan 2019

I took rabeprazole 4 years for acid reflux. Recently, my insurance co. said it wasn't covered any more so my doctor put me on omeprazole, 40 mg. This was Nov. 27 2018. Dec. 15 I woke up and could barely walk. The top of my right foot was swollen and hurting terribly. I had not injured it in any way. A few days later, the top of my right hand and one knuckle started to hurt so badly that I couldn't use my hand. I started to do research because I suspected it was my new medication. I stopped taking the omeprazole 4 days ago and the pain is slowly subsiding. I only hope there is no permanent damage. Also, during the time I was on this medicine, I was generally unwell. Sick all over, chills, not to mention I couldn't walk or use my right hand, and I am a very active person. I hope all of us heal soon from this horrible drug. Best wishes.

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JLBvision 30 Dec 2018

I was prescribed Prilosec and three days later I had pain in my buttocks and the back of my legs. I could not sit down. I first thought it must be siataca; purchased a special cushion to sit on; it didn’t help. It finally occurred to me-it’s the pills. Stopped immediately and it took three days for the pain to stop. I avoid or cut down on trigger foods. Horrible and dangerous pills.

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JZBolt 30 Dec 2018

I was dxed with EOE a few years back. Was given and Rx for Prilosec. After 2 or 3 months I was experiencing severe shoulder and wrist pain. Then while playing golf one day I tweaked my back which had never happened before. It stayed with me. Then when setting up a tent for my daughters soccer tournament (yeah, I am that kind of dad) a tendon running to my wrist ruptured. It should have hurt but I had been in so much pain I actually felt relief. I went on line and found that Prilosec has some serious side effects. So after I went off for about 6 weeks my joints stopped hurting. Ask your doctor about vitamin B12 and why it is important when prescribing Prilosec.

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Macdt 29 Dec 2018

I was prescribed Omeprazole 20mg once per day by my GP (Uk) for a chronic cough and mild heartburn. I am on no other medications. I supplement with chondroitin/glucosamine for my joints. I'm late 60s. Never had ill health. I keep healthy and fit. I cycle, walk, swim and was happy with life. Until that is, the dreaded PPI prescription. Within two days of starting it, my left knee became hot, swollen and very painful. No injury, no rational reason at all for it to happen. At the time I did not even think it could be the PPI! But, three years later and deciding to experiment on myself (!) Because my doctor told me I was wrong, I now know that Omeprazole does cause joint and bone pain. It took two months to be free of pain and get the stuff out of my system completely. I stopped taking it. My symptoms vanished. I took it again 4 weeks later to check what would happen. Lo and behold ... swollen painful knee again.


I did this for 6 months in total and proved to myself Omeprazole does cause problems of pain in joints and bones. It certainly took 2 months total to get it out of my system and return to normal. I don't have heartburn any more, nor a cough. I lost weight to reduce the pressure on my stomach. I don't drink alcohol, fizzy drinks and eat very little processed or fatty food. I am vegetarian (have been since I was 6yrs old) & am back to my former happy healthy self. I would say to anyone who is prescribed this medication or Ranitidine, to read up on how to reduce reflux symptoms without medication ... the usual ones are lose weight, don't smoke, don't drink alcohol, reduce caffeine and fizzy drink intake and exercise regularly. To those with chronic joint or bone pain ... wean off the medicine gradually. Report your findings to the MHRA via your chemist in the Uk. This medicine is horrid and will harm you if taken for extended periods. Good luck and have a healthy pain free 2019 & future! Good luck to all.

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tmartindub 7 Jan 2019

The bad thing about it is that you can report it to your doc and they have never heard of such things and in a roundabout way tell you to not practice medicine. I still see this being sold OTC in stores.

lsteve 16 Sep 2018

My experience is more gradual, however there is no other explaination for the current chronic hip, leg and neck pain I feel almost continually after several years of increasing discomfort. Here’s my story and my plan to remedy.

Following diagnosis of a hiatus hernia resulting in chronic gerd and esophagitis, I was prescribed lansoprazole at 30mg per day. That was 10 years, 2 nissen fundoplication operations and an eventual confirmation of Barrets Esophagus ago. The lansoprazole has been both a relief and a burden and is still recommended by my doctor to reduce the risk of the Barrets progressing. I disagree.


There is no reason for the degeneration of my hips and subsequent pain. It is a completely absent condition in generations of my family. I have enjoyed otherwise excellent health, fitness levels my doctor once described as that of a professional athlete. However a recent x-ray showed a moderate level of hip joint degeneration that my doctor advised as ‘wear and tear’ with a prescription to keep active. I raised the risk of the lansoprazole having an effect which he described as highly unlikely, however agreed to reduce the dose to 15 mg per day.

My view is that the risk of attempting to come off these drugs completely and potentially remedying the sleepless nights, constant and worsening pain I am in is worth it.

On reducing the dosage I experienced acid rebound after a few days and so reverted to an alternating pattern of 15 one day then 30 the other. That worked. I am now down to 15 daily with a plan to taper down further to an on demand treatment regime within the next 3-6 months. It’s tough, these meds seem to pervade the whole body and the non conclusive studies I have read at least point to a risk of poor mineral absorption in the gut, especially b12, magnesium and calcium essential for proper osteoclastic function.

I need to maintain a super clean diet, sleep with my bed head raised to a precarious looking 8 inch incline and at 57 I am attempting to get my weight down even further to that of my 21 year old self. Not easy, but the battle with these meds is on.

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Plb61 29 Sep 2018

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with an inflamed esophagus and very small hiatal hernia. Put on pantoprazole 40mgs per day. Seemed to really help and after 3 months I weaned myself off per docs order. About a year went by before symptoms returned. Went back on same drug and have pretty much been on them since.
Now about 3 weeks ago I had some kind of break through and my pill wasn’t taking care of my heartburn. I completely got off caffeine and sweets and have been eating a very healthy diet since. I really had very little caffeine to begin with and same with sweets but thought that was a good place to start.
A nurse I know said once in awhile her PPI wouldn’t work so she took Pepcid Ac to help it. So I tried that and sure enough it did the trick but now I think it is affecting my legs. They just feel strange. I think I will back off the Pepcid and see if that helps even though I am sure my acid reflux will act up again.


I am getting acupuncture treatments that do help some. I would love to stop taking these pills but so afraid of getting esophageal cancer. I called to get an appointment with my gastro doc and have to wait a month. Believe me I am counting the days. 3 weeks to go.

lsteve 28 Dec 2018

It’s now 4 months since I posted the story above. Having followed my plan I can say that I am completely ppi free, and, reflux free. It was a battle and there were several relapses. However tapering off, slowly, losing weight and further refining my diet, plus deciding to suffer the reflux some days without the ppis eventually worked.

The drug invaded almost every cell in my body and I still feel like I am recovering. However the chronic reflux I suffered has gone and my digestion is functioning normally again.

I can’t say for sure if the ppis are implicated in my onset of osteoarthritis, they certainly haven’t helped. I am certain they have contributed to magnesium and vitamin b12 deficiency that may have exacerbated the condition. Unfortunately the damage is done.

My thoughts are tases meds’ can be useful for a short period of esophagitis recovery, but are not to be used to control chronic GERD. Losing weight especially and a GERD diet are far more effective.

Good luck

lsteve 28 Dec 2018

I should also say that I have Barrett’s Esophagus that I do NOT believe the ppis protect me from progressing into cancer. There’s not a lot of evidence for this, but there is for the benefits of tackling GERD through lifestyle changes and in my case surgical treatment of hiatus hernia.

Charmk56 15 Aug 2018

Yes it does! And it has also been linked to long term kidney damage.

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Wcmccauley 15 Aug 2018

I took Prilosec 20 mg. On the fourth day I began to notice hip pain increasing throughout the day. I awoke in the night with excruciating hip pain, absolutely equal in both hips. I had not changed anything except taking Prilosec. I checked online and found this site where a few others reported severe hip/back pain after taking this for only 4 days. I did not take it anymore and after a day the pain reduced gradually until it was completely gone. Haven’t had anything like that before or since. I started on Prevacid and have not had those side effects.

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Zooleanneder 27 July 2018

I started taking Prilosec for suspected GERD. On day 3 I noticed muscle/joint pain that got so bad it kept me awake all night. The aching in my legs and back was terrible. I also had elevated temperature. Never had these symptoms prior to taking.
So glad to hear I'm not alone! Going to switch to something else.

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gmitzzz 5 Sep 2017

I was given a prescription for Prilosec (Omeprazole) 40 mg for possible duodenal ulcer. After reading possible side effects, I decided to try OTC 20 mg extended release tablet instead. Gastro pain improved from the 1st tablet so I was encouraged by the results. Four days into the treatment my legs are feeling weak with moderate muscle soreness. Today I woke up with excruciating hip and leg pain at 2 am. The pain is constant and making it hard for me to walk, relax or sleep. Called the company to see if this is a reported side effect. Naturally the company was not willing to discuss "other" patients reported side effects with me and merely wanted further information on my personal health, so not very helpful. Not sure of the reason for the hip and leg pain but I am stopping the medication immediately and reporting this effect to the prescribing nurse practitioner today.

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cossee 11 July 2018

causes more issues than it helps. I’ve been on it for 8+ years, developed muscle pain, in arms and lower back.Dr said your just getting Old {55}!!!
I heard on a radio talkback show callers and a Dr discussing Omeprazole all complaining of muscle pain.After starting One lady became unable to walk permanently. So ladies check it out as it appears can cause permanent condition in females . I’ve Stopped so has the muscle pain.

robbinkay 31 Aug 2017

My Dr. put me on Omeprazole 40 mg twice a day for a bleeding ulcer. Within just a couple of days I started having leg aches that within no time became unbearable. I could hardly walk. After 2 weeks in excruciating pain I googled and found out that the pain could be a side effect of the Omeprazole. I stopped that moment and a couple days later at my regular Dr appointment my Dr said it was a rare side effect but she agreed that I needed to come off of the Omeprazole. She said it happens to about 3-5% of people. She has switched me to something called Dexilant saying I shouldn't have the same problem. After reading about it, it also shows this could be a side effect. :( It's only been 2 days and I'm hopeful this pain will go away. It is honestly horrible and makes it hard to walk. I think what sucks worse is no one really believes it's as bad as it is.

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JLBvision 20 Jan 2018

Had pain in lower back, buttocks, back of legs after taking Omeprazolz, 20 mg twice a day for only four days. Could not sit down or lie down. Stopped and it took 72 hours for the pain to stop. Following a diet provided by my doctor. Eating smaller meals. Eat dinner earlier and don’t lie down for three hours after eating. Feel much better. Trying to manage GERD without medication.

Wjzebo 23 Aug 2017

I have used prilosec and the generic off and on every 3 to 6 months a couple weeks at a time the drug always worked well. Then I used it the past 2 weeks and develop severe hip and leg pain.can't even sleep hopefully pain will subside in few days .will never use this again.I changed to Apple cider vinegar before meals and small portions of food .acid reflux is under control try different things it can't hurt this drug might work for some people not me

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