Repetitiveness of my job. I was only prescribed two 50 mg per day which did absolutely nothing so I gradually increased to 3 & then 4 & then 5 or six AT A TIME... Only that amount eased my pain. Needless to say, my monthly prescriptions only lasted about 10 days but I never had adverse symptoms from not having them... Just had to rely on ibuprofen & suffer til I could get my prescription refilled. My Dr told me Tramadol was only used to treat mild pain & were considered mild pain relievers. I had been on that regimen for a couple years & then I guess I hit a plateau & 6 were not working anymore so I took 6 initially in the morning & then a few more in the afternoon before eating... They also reduced my appetite which I liked them for as well... Then I had a grand mal seizure! I was never told that was a side effect. I was rushed to the hospital, they did a cat scan & found nothing, told me it was from low potassium levels and extreme stress. so I was referred to a neurologist. I never went to a neurologist because we don't have insurance. So I just went under the assumption that it was due to heavy stress from our business and tax season and marital problems & the like and so continued with my same routine and then a month later I had another grand mal seizure, was rushed by ambulance again to the hospital and they put me on Keppra which is an anti-seizure medication because they thought I had developed adult onset epilepsy (2 or more seizures is considered epilepsy i was told), told me my potassium was low again and again referred me to a neurologist. I cannot get an appointment for a month. So my question is does anyone think that it really is adult onset epilepsy or that it does have something to do with the tramadol? I do not want to be on epilepsy medication if I don't have epilepsy. Extremely high stress levels right before both episodes & extremely low potassium have been considered the culprit. But I don't know if it is a combination of things or if anyone else has had anything similar happen? Thank you in advance for any insight :-)