I went to my doctors, reporting reoccurring pain in my upper stomach. This pain was getting increasingly worse especially if I had not eaten. I also reported to him that I have had headaches for weeks now and has taken an Ibruprofen for them which had made my stomach hurt so bad I thought I would have to go to hospital, luckily it passed after about half an hour.

I suspected it was a stomach ulcer, but as i told my Dr I have been constipated for years with bouts of diarrhoea, he said it was IBS (fair enough!). He has prescribed me 3 x 20mg a day of Rabeprazole Sodium Gastro resistant tablets.

Can anyone tell me if this is usual, as I am now off work with diarrhoea. For an IBS treatment it seems to be making it worse.

I have looked online and can see Rabeprazole for treating ulcers, but not IBS? Has anyone else been prescribed this?