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I was prescribed gabapentin for arthritis pain. Is this normal?


chuck1957 25 Jan 2017

Windixi; I have seen this and just checked with one of the pharmacists that I used to work with and he told me that it has been being used OFF LABEL for arthritis pain, And what that means is it has not been approved by the FDA for arthritis pain but using it for all the other things they use it for like Nerve pain, drowsy seizures, Restless leg syndrome and more they have had good results with it helping other with general pain like arthritis. In the lower dose. Just know that it can make you drowsy at first, Be slow getting up and down just to make sure until you know it is not making you dizzy where you might fall. And a good benefit is this is not a narcotic and it is easier to get off of and the doctor tries something else never stop this medication abruptly sometimes it needs to be tapered. Give it a try just know that it is not going to work right off you have to give it some time as you reach a blood level if your still not sure call your doctor and ask how long before you well notice the pain relief we are all different some within a week may notice help from it. Have a great day and please let me know how this works out for you.

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