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Is it possible for xanax to help with sympthoms of IBS?

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Lizzie366101 8 Sep 2017

I have a terrible case of Ibs for over 10 years I'm taking Xanax I have to admit the Xanax helps to settle my stomach. Nothing gives me relief like the Xanax I only take half of the .5mg tablet and the pain and nausea is gone completely.

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ChelleKay 9 Sep 2017

I have Crohns disease and take Xanax for heart related problems. It does help me with Crohns as it helps my cramped up stomach relax some. Does not help my nausea and vomiting, Promethazine takes care of that,

Inactive 22 Aug 2013

I have Crohns Disease ( a form of IBS) I also take Xanax, but for anxiety only. There is a chance that it might help, but, would never use Xanax as a way to help with IBS symptoms. For the stress/anxiety that comes with it, maybe. It is a short lived med, so , if, any relief, that too would be short lived. And there are the addictive properties, that can make it hell coming off them. There are so many meds out there now for IBS and such. More than likely there is a better way to control the symptoms. Xanax may help you deal with having IBS, but not for symptoms. Wishing you the best...

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annalakem 9 Dec 2016

I have been I horrible pain for an IBS flare-up for 3 days. I almost went to the ER last night. However, I've been slowly weaning myself off Xanax because of the side effects. My doctor put me on it to help me sleep and control anxiety 3 years ago. I've never taken it during the day. Last night I decided to go to bed early so took my Xanax at 9:00 p.m. I got a phone call and didn't go to bed right away. What happened was as close to a miracle as I have ever witnessed. The flare-up calmed and the pain was gone. Now I don't want to be dependent on Xanax but when I started hurting again today I took .5 mg of Xanax and within minutes I was pain free. This leads me to believe my IBS is aggravated by stress. I plan to speak to my doctor about this. Perhaps there is something else with less negative results that I can take. But, I can tell you it has been wonderful to be pain free today!

leebeached 21 Aug 2013

Didnt help me. I concur with the previous answer about getting hooked on benzo's. it can actually irritate it. You didn't mention whether it was constipating or diarrheal ins. I've had it for many decades and tried everything. The most help I got is from low doses of donnatal, accupuncture and medical marijuana- choose the one with less thc- it's the other ingredient that works. Good luck and please if that's what you think it is see a gastroenterologist.

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DzooBaby 20 Aug 2013

It is possible perhaps but there are other medications that could work as well or better and not be so habit forming. Believe me, you dont want to be hooked on benzodiazepines. Have you tried hydroxyzine? Hydroxyzine works well as an antianxiety medicine and it is also good to treat nausea and vomiting so it may help with IBS symptoms too. It decreases central nervous system activity so it will help your nerves and if it is nerves that aggravate your IBS symptoms, this drug could very well help you and it is not habit forming. Belladonna alkaloids work well too. Another drug to think about is Donnatal Extendtabs (belladonna and phenobarbital) It is an older medication but very effective for IBS.

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