I have tried generic brand Adderall XR it only lasted me an hour and I feel I would trust brand name better, but can the pharmacist reject my plea for Name brand.My doctor now wrote me a script for Adderall IR (20 mg), My doctor didn't write " To be dispensed only as directed" because he didn't believe there was a difference even though I know with my gut that there is. Would I still be able to get the pharmacist to give me name brand Adderall instead of generic. Yes, I do understand there is a major price difference between the two, but I my insurance pays 50% of the cost of name brand Adderall, but wasn't specific on whether that was for if the doctor writes no substitution. My insurance did write " Your price will be higher for choosing name brand over generic" so is that implying that I can ask my pharmacist for name brand even though my doctor didn't write down no substitution. I'm afraid I will go to pharmacist and they will refuse to give name brand instead of generic if I just ask them without have the doctor write the no substitution. BTW, I live in Maryland and have Aetna Open Choice PPO.