So I've had ADHD since I was 7 just never took medication for it. But about a month ago I decided with starting a new job I should be on my best game so I went to a psychiatrist and we started testing out different doses. First we tried taking one 10mg two times a day (didn't help) went to one 20mg two times a day (getting closer) then found that 30mg three times a day worked best for me.
So... with my last visit to the doctor he gave me an increased prescription for the medicine and so I went to the pharmacy to get it filled (I had about half a bottle left from previous visit) and the pharmacist said I couldn't get it refilled due to insurance reasons and to come back in a week or two. I said ok.

Fast forward a week and a half. Go back with prescription to get it filled seeing as how I have two days left with my previous prescription. Pharmacist says I can't get it refilled due to it being a controlled substance and I need to wait another 11 days before I can get a refill. Me being new to the whole controlled substance situation I wasn't aware of these time restrictions. I'm just worried that this pharmacist thinks I'm abusing my medicine or something (it was the same lady both times) but really I was just taking more to follow the regiment my doctor and I had discussed and therefore, was bound to run out early.

Mind you, I did tell the pharmacist that we changed my dosage and therefore I'm almost out (she got a bit sassy thinking I was trying to get my prescription early but I know she's just doing her job).

SO my question is: is the pharmacist going to mark my file or contact my doctor thinking that I'm abusing my prescription?