... I have it in my vaginal area, in the back of my legs, major burning and stinging sensations, down into my legs and feet, I have it in my arms and in my hands and even up into my face and ears. I itch all over, and I have had a few breakouts which always vary. I had a few in my vaginal area and my buttocks, some on my feet, one on my chest and some on my head and face. They always itch and sting, never burn. I have tingling all over my body and it feels like I have a parasite or something running throughout me, even in my chest sometimes. I have had several times I got chest pains and I have ended up at the ER a few times, only to be told it is nothing. I am not at all a hysterical person, and up until December of 2011 when this all started, I was a very healthy individual. I get all the sensations of tingling, pins and needles, burning, itching and crawling sensations and my Dr and specialist I have seen are baffled. I constantly ask if this is shingles and my Dr says no, that it would only be on one side of my body. But, is it possible to have systemic shingles, all throughout your body with little to no rash at all. Please help me. If anyone else has experienced this and found out they did not have shingles but did find out what they had, would you please share it with me. I have had to go on TDI from my job, because I can not sit for a long period of time and this is ruining my life. I want to add, since this has been going on for over a year, I have had tons of blood tests done and all my blood work looks very good. I am now allergic to foods I was neve allergic to, but it does not appear allergies cause any neuralgia, but if you have neuralgia, it can make your allergies worse. I have been tested for HSV1 and 2 four times over a 15 month period and these always come back negative with the values very low. If you have shingles can you have a specific test done to get a positive/negative test reaction? Is it possible to have one done with spinal fluid? I really need some help and assistance.