I've been suffering with perioral dermatitis for 4 months now. It started beside my mouth and then spread to the sides of my nose and under my nose where I felt burning even on tbe inside of my nostrils. It got wayyyy worse in the past 2 weeks when it spread to one eye. This week it spread to the other eye. It is really severe around my eyes to the point where my I can't fully open one eye - it's so inflamed and swollen and dry. I am getting some relief from natural tears eye drops and ice packs. I tried 'every' topical cream or treatment under the sun but it kept on getting worse. Standard treatments such as metrocream (metronidazole) didn't help at all, nor did popular home remedies or natural treatments such as apple cider vinegar, calendula creme, zinc supplements or zinc baby rash ointment, hydrogen peroxide, or any type of 'organic' , low ingredient moisturizers. Finally this week I went on minocycline as prescribed by my dermatologist - one capsule per day for at least 6 weeks and possibly as long as 4-6 months. I have been taking minocycline for all of 4 days now and just wondering, does anyone know how long it takes to START working? - even a little. At this point, even a fraction of improvement would feel like a breakthrough to me!