... weeks later I started bleeding which was earlier than what the doctor told me to expect it. After I started spotting, it turnes to normal bleeding but not enough that I needed a tampon or anything. It has never stopped yet, Ive been bleeding since about July 9th or so. I visited my husband again a few months later and spoke with a doctor who said it was normal for me to bleed like this for 4 months but I was never told anything like this when I first got on Nexplanon. Then she stated that I could possibly have PCOS, which I'll be looking into. But my main issue as of right now is to stop the bleeding and go back to my normal menstrual cycle before I had ever gotten on Nexplanon. I completely regret it now and dont plan to use birth control ever again because of the ridiculous effect this birth control had on me. Is there any reason why this is happening?? Because I've searched online and not many women are experiencing this so I can only assume the doctor didnt know what she was talking about. Also is there any way I can stop this irregular bleeding?? If its a hormonal imbalance like I suspect, what kind of supplements or pills should I take??