I have had Nexplanon since July 2018. At first I didnt have the abnormal spotting until about a month and a half later. Probably because I had just gotten off my period when I got it inserted. The period lasted like 3 weeks. Then I had no spotting for like 2 months then I had severe cramps one day at work followed by dark spotting. It was over after 2 weeks just about and my boyfriend and I had intercourse which made me start bleeding all over again but this time it was actual bright red blood instead of the dark brown. It lasted a little over a week and then I had nothing for a longer amount of time up until this past month of December. I had just stopped spotting dark brown but then after intercourse I'm immediately bleeding bright red again. And its kind of heavy. The last time this happened it lasted a whole month and I was so depressed and tired all the time. I hope this isn't the same case but has this happened to anyone else? Is this normal or should I see my gynecologist? I like Nexplanon. I have gained about 40 pounds with it but I don't want to blame it entirely on the birth control. And its not like I haven't been able to lose because just a recent change in diet and after joining the gym I feel pretty good and have lost a little. But this abnormal bleeding, especially after sex worries me. Please help!