I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer following an endoscopy in hospital last Friday. I'm still in a lot of pain and have not received the results of the biopsy yet, to see whether it was caused by H. pylori. However I have a couple of questions regarding it! (I'm 19, and male and until all this appeared over the last ten weeks I was healthy. Should add I'm on omeprazole, citalopram and movicol for an impacted bowel)
Firstly, after I have had things to eat/in the evening it makes me feel very breathless and have a tight chest? Is this normal as I wasn't told about this, I understand that it will still hurt a lot but I'm worried it could be due to my heart because I've had some pains in my left arm as well. I'm hospital the only abnormal thing about my heart that was mentioned was the fact that my blood pressure was very up and down, even getting up to 148/92 at one point.
Secondly if my ulcer has been caused by H. pylori would it be unusual to get muscle aches all over my body, if it has been undiagnosed for a long time. I get constantly aching muscles and joints and these were all searched for through thorough blood tests at hospital returning nothing from tests like mono, Lyme disease, lupus etc, so I'm wondering if pylori can cause these, or could it be that my stomach just won't digest as well at the moment. I should also last I've lost a stone of weight reasonably quickly (over 6 weeks)
Any help on these couple of questions would be much appreciated!