... experiencing became excruciating and I was admitted into the hospital. I was put on Carafate and Protonix. A couple of weeks ago, I vomited massive amounts of blood and was admitted. I was told that there are three ulcers now. I received blood transfusions and IV Protonix that time and instruction to continue the Carafate and Protonix rx's. I do not seem to be getting better. I am in pain a lot of the time. All of the foods that are supposed to be "good for ulcer patients" cause me pain (bananas, apples, milk, etc.). I am living on Gatoraide and Ensure. I eat about one-half of a regular meal daily. I'm run down, sickly and need advice. This is my very first post to a board, ever, as I'm usually just a reader. So, forgive me if I haven't followed proper posting etiquette. Any help will be greatly appreciated