Years ago I was assaulted at work, and wound up with chronic, intermittent pain. Occasionally some days are fine, many can be done with 800mg ibuprophen throughout the day. Then there are the days where I have to sit very still, even sleep in a chair with a tall back. And this is with using pain meds and muscle relaxers. Without, the pain and muscle spasms increase to the point of uncontrollable vomiting and a trip to the emergency room.
There are also days where I can gingerly function with the pain meds, muscle relaxers, and ibuprophen. I take Soma and Tramadol - APAP. 90 of the Tramadol last for about 3 months. The problem is that my family doctor said he can't continue to write prescriptions for pain meds. He said he would have to refer me to a pain management doctor. So I went.

They gave me a muscle relaxer which didn't work instead of the Soma (my doctor wrote a new prescription for it). I told them I still had some Tramadol, so they didn't give me anything for the pain. But they did tell me that I would have to take regular drug tests. No problem. But I do like to smoke marijuana, and do so about once a week when I go out.

They said it's because it's illegal. In New York state it isn't even a crime! Possession of under 25g gets a civil citation, and a fine of $100. But does this mean they are also entitled to research my life to see if I am doing anything else illegal? Perhaps I'm driving without insurance! Is it for health concerns? I find it hard to believe, because they don't monitor alcohol consumption in any way (aside from asking questions). I don't see why even a trace of marijuana use would get me kicked out of pain management. It's not as if I am all of a sudden pain free. They could give me no other reasons and it seems as if it is just a morality judgement.

Is this a hard fast rule for all pain management practices? It seems awfully petty and controlling.