Several months ago I had an infected tooth, Dentist prescribed clindamycin 300 mg capsules, I have a couple left. Right now I’m have broken out on my face. I have 2 huge cystic acne bumps that are very painful and deep below the skin. Our insurance doesn’t start until next month so I’m waiting to see a dermatologist until then for these reoccurring cysts. I’m 36 year old mother, I hate having acne like a teenage boy. A year ago I went for a facial and the aesthetician gave me a toner and the doctor on staff added clindamycin to it. It helped a lot. But, I’m out of it now, the whole acne kit I bought from them was very expensive ,as was the treatment... I can’t afford to go back right now. I do have one bottle of toner left, the same they prescribed but without the clindamycin in it. My question is - can I open one of my clindamycin capsules and mix it with my toner to spray on these 2 under the skin acne cyst? Or can I open the capsule, take some of the powder medication out of it, maybe mix it with a drop of water and apply it topically to these cyst on my face? I have an important event this week and would like these to be gone by then. They are very painful and take forever to heal. I only have 2 pills left so I don’t have enough to take them orally and it have enough time to work. Thank you, any advice or suggestions are appreciated it.