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Once and for all, is the original oxycontin still being made?

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duckworthy 1 Apr 2011

Dear Buzzlessbee

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you ask about the "original" OxyContin. The drug was first approved by the FDA and made available for prescription back in 1996 or '97, and yes, to this day it is still available, both in its brand-name as well as in generic formats. However, the 160mg tablet was pulled from the market several years ago - even though it is still referenced on numerous sites, including this one - but all other strengths, up to and including the 80mg tablet, are available.

If, by "original", you are referring to the drug's formulation, then I guess the only potential difference would depend on whether one obtains the brand-name or the generic equivalent - the generic's buffer is likely somewhat different than that of the brand-name's. Otherwise, both formats deliver a time-released quantity of oxycodone (an opium alkaloid derivative called thebain) over a 12-hour period. OxyContin doesn’t contain aspirin or acetaminophen, unlike other immediate-release formulations of oxycodone (like Percodan, Percocet, or Tylox, to name a few). Of course, neither do the generic equivalents for OxyContin.

I think this will have answered your question. If not, let me know, but just give me a few more details as to what you mean by "original".



duckworthy 1 Apr 2011

Dear Buzzlebee,

I stand incorrect with my previous response to you, and I apologize. While much of the information I provided remains true, I actually just noticed something while Googling that I had heard about previously but apparantly forgotten (I actually stopped taking OxyContin last March, in favor of the dose equivalency of good, plain-old, inexpenseive morphine sulfate).

The formulation of OxyContin was changed this past summer (2010) with the introduction of a newly-designed polymer, on which the oxycodone resides. This new polymer apparantly causes the pill to be extremely difficult to crush, as well as heat.

When I wrote my original response to you, I was under the impression that Purdue Pharma had done something to its formulation a decade ago to make it more difficult to extract the oxycodone for abusive purposes. However, since I'm no longer having the drug precribed, I haven't followed the recent news on the subject.

Again, I apologize for the mis-information I gave you in my first response.


Anonymous 5 Apr 2011

thank you so much! yes, I was talking about the formulation change... I can't believe how much clearer my mind is after only 2 days on Morphine Sulfate, I asked my Dr to try something different 3 years ago and he wouldn't. I wonder why? I even asked to be put into detox I was feeling so bad, his only answer was to taper off, like I could feel any worse at work. Or do the internal pump, and that isn't going to happen. I'm going to make sure I am doing so much better then I want to let him know just how much better my life could have been if he had done this in 2008, so maybe someone else won't be treated this same way.

AverageJoe13 7 Sep 2014

Since 2010 Purdue Pharma reformulated the oxycontin to curb the abuse. Lucky for me, I used to get 150 80mg a month and im still stocked up after all these years because I badically slowed down/quit. Only those who stocked up/saved em will have the original formula!!

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