Tried 7 different antidepressants before finding Nefazodone. Took Serzone first but then they took it off the market and kept the generic. My life started at 40 when I started taking it. Now 21 years later and no information on when it will be available is very stressful for me. I don't want the monster to come back. I live alone and have no family or friends nearby. I have some meds but eventually will run out. I still work and have to commute. Not sure how I will be able to do that when I am pushed to withdrawal of a med I planned on taking for the rest of my life. I have clinical depression, anxiety and mood issues but Nefazodone keeps me in check and I'm able to feel balanced and normal. If I have to go through this horrible time because of no information on when it is available again, I'll probably wind up in the hospital and I don't have the kind of money to pay for out of pocket that my insurance does not cover,. I already went through a brain aneurysm almost 5 years ago and survived it. How much more suffering do I have to go through. Please Teva bring this med back and get it out to the patients. Every review is good on this medication. Please think about us and how we rely on this med to help us. It's not our fault we have mental issues. I really don't want to go on trazodone because I need to go to work and can't be drowsy. Being a brain injury patient I'm already considered a fall risk. thank you and I hope your listening.